The Sherritt Letter

Joe Byrne

26 June 1879

Dear Aaron I write those few stolen lines to you to let you know that I am still living I am not the least afraid of being captured dear Aaron meet me you and Jack this side of Puzzel ranges Neddie and I has come to the conclusion to get you to join us I was advised to turn traitor but I said that I would die at Neds side first Dear Aaron it is best for you to join us Aaron a short live and a jolly one the Lloyds and Quinns wants you shot but I say no you are on our side If it is no thing only for that sake of your mother and sisters We sent that bloody Hart to your place twice did my mother tell you the message that I left for you I slept at home three days on the 24 of may did Patsy give you the booty I left for you I intend to pay old sandy doig and old Mullane Oh that bloody snob where is he I will make a targate of him meet me on next Thursday you and Jack and we will have another bank quite handy I told Hart to call last Thursday evening I wold like to know If he obeyed us or not if not we will shoot him if you come on our tracks, close your puss you know you were at Kates several times you had just gone one night as we came we followed you four miles but returned without success If you do not meet me when I ask you meet me under london you know. I will riddle that bloody Mullane, If I catch him no more from the enforced outlaw till I see yourself

I remain your truly
You know