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Ned Kelly paraphernalia has almost become an industry in itself. Souvenirs bearing Ned’s name or likeness, especially that of his iconic helmet and suit of armour, have come in all shapes and sizes. They range from household and ornamental items, to clothing, food and bodily hygiene products. When it comes to Ned Kelly and the consumer, almost anything goes. Here is a sample of what has helped create the ‘Kellyana’ industry.


Produced by Gibleys Australia during the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s, Ned Kelly Australian Outlaw Whisky featured a unique newspaper wrap around label which told an abridged version of the Kelly Gang story. Made by O’Halloran Hill Distilling in South Australia, the whisky was 86 US Proof and came in a 750ml (4/5 quart) bottle with a screw top lid.

Ned Kelly Decanter Set

Toast the first Aussie battler with an exclusive barware set that recalls his life story in all its rebellious glory. Now all the style and swagger associated with this diamond in the rough is yours with the Ned Kelly Decanter Set, a five-piece decanter set available in a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Exemplifying the time-honoured qualities of Ned Kelly with style and innovation, this stellar five-piece barware gift set includes four glasses and a matching decanter to celebrate a true Aussie icon.

Each of the four 295ml glasses is ringed in 12K gold and features exclusive artwork from acclaimed artist Michael Wilkin depicting the Kelly Gang in action, paired with descriptive titles. A matching glass decanter bears an image of Kelly in and out of his famous armour standing in front of the Eureka Flag with a helmet shape stopper, a symbol of defiance as potent today as it was in Kelly’s time. Accented with more 12K gold, it stylishly holds 740ml of your favourite spirit Strong demand is anticipated, so don’t delay. Order now!

2015 Tuvalu 10c Ned Kelly Coin

NedKellyREV2Made in Australia, and featuring the most controversial of our Folk Heroes, the official 2015 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Coin spotlights one of the most famous of the early prominent Australians. Thought to be either a victim of police harassment or, conversely, a brutal cold-blooded murderer, the story of Ned Kelly and his capture following a gunfight in Glenrowan has become part of Australia’s folklore. Depicting Ned’s famous ‘bulletproof” helmet this 99.9% Pure Silver coin also pays tribute to the Old Melbourne Gaol where Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly met his ultimate demise in 1880. Such is Life! A highly detailed, premium collectable, the 2015 Ned Kelly Silver Coin has been struck by The Perth Mint on behalf of Melbourne Mint in Proof quality – the highest of all minting qualities – to a ridiculously small Limited Edition of just 5,000 coins. Measuring 20mm in diameter, each of these Tuvalu Legal Tender coins is set into a detailed, numbered presentation card, confirming the specifications and the limited edition of this fascinating silver collectable.

NED Whisky and Cola

Ned-Whisky-CansNED Whisky & Cola is a new ready-to-drink alcohol product made by Aussies for Aussies. NED Whisky & Cola, produced by Australian-owned Top Shelf International, has been developed to fill a gap in the market for a locally-owned product with a taste that sits perfectly between established bourbon and whisky RTD products. Getting the taste right took months of testing different flavour combinations before we settled on a mix we think is perfect for the Australian market. The brand, advertising and social media strategy, packaging, collateral and website was developed by Melbourne creative agency MMR Studio. The result is a unique brand and product named after Ned Kelly, an iconic figure whose passion, loyalty, independence and courage are qualities many Aussies see in themselves. We know we’re underdogs but that’s what NED Whisky & Cola is all about. In a highly competitive market dominated by established global companies, NED will take on the big boys at their own game.  After all, this is Kelly Country.

2015 Niue $1 Ned Kelly Four Coin Set

Kelly-Four-Coin-SetCovering the historical story of Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly from his Gang through to his final moments, this 4-coin set is a full-colour, silver Proof quality tribute to one of Australia’s most contentious figures. Struck by The Perth Mint on behalf of Melbourne Mint in proof quality, each of the four coins within this set have a unique design reflecting four stages of his story; The Gang, The Siege, The Trial, and ‘Such is Life’ – his reported final words before going to the gallows at the Melbourne Gaol. Struck to a tiny mintage of just 1,880 sets – matching the year Ned Kelly was hanged – all four 25g sterling silver coins are housed together in a timber case with a certificate of authenticity.

Ned Kelly Bobble Head

ned-kelly-bobbe-headThe legendary Australian outback outlaw has been brought to life in this bobble head. With realistic and accurate features this gun slingin’ outlaw is sure to be a favorite. A fun and collectable Ned Kelly item, this eighteen centimetre (seven inch) tall bobble head toy features a wonderful caricature of our iconic bushranger! It has an over sized head, adding to the wobbling movement and he’s fully armed with a pair of guns – it’s actually a good likeness and even has his famous hairstyle and beard. Down by his feet lays his famous helmet – a high quality piece of memorabilia, it would make the perfect addition to any Ned Kelly collection.

2003 Australian Bushrangers Proof Coin Collection

Playing a unique role in the nation’s earliest colonial history, Bushrangers have always had a special place in the hearts and minds of Australians. Romanticised and celebrated in film, literature and art for so many decades, Australia’s vivid bushranger history has now been brought to life on a series of legal tender coins! Struck by the precious metal specialists at the Perth Mint, this ‘world first’ for numismatics has the whole industry talking.

Comprising four massive Two Ounce .999 fine silver Proofs, the 2003 Australian Bushranger Proof Coin Collection pays tribute to some of the most famous outlaws of the colonial period. Sure to intensify demand for this historic, limited edition set (2,500 mintage worldwide), the 2003 Australian Bushrangers Proof Coin Collection has been acclaimed as among the finest examples of colour minting yet seen.

Honouring Ned Kelly, Ben Hall, Mad Dan Morgan and Captain Thunderbolt, the 2003 Australian Bushrangers Proof Coin Collection depicts some of the most well known characters of the colonial period. Inextricably linked with Australia’s ‘Gold Rush’ heritage, the short but spectacular lives of men such as these form the basis of Australian folklore.

I am Ned

Brought to life straight from the pages of I Am Ned #1 and hand sculpted by creator Max Myint, the NED maquette captures every intricate detail of this Aussie legend.

A gust of wind hits his bullet ridden trench-coat as he stands atop a rocky outcrop that was once coloured with foliage. He stands defiantly. A massive gun in one hand, the other buried into the brains of a severed ZWO lieutenant head. Ned means war. His armour is customised with his charming penchant for ruthless aggression. From his metal capped boots, to his chest armour, vambraces, gloves and concealed shoulder guard, each piece is battle worn and shot to hell. This is truly a significant upgrade from Ned Kelly’s historic armour. That ain’t no bucket on his head either. Owners of this statue will now truly get a chance to admire the unique design of Ned’s helmet. Its iconic symbol is stamped onto his red shoulder pad, the very same symbol that has been seen all across the outback. A symbol of hope and freedom to the survivors. An invitation for death to his enemies.

The Ned Maquette is pressure cast in high quality resin and presented in 1/8 scale. He stands approximately 25 cm off base, and 27 cm on base. He comes fully painted in multiple layers to add depth and realism to the sculpt. A special mix of metallic paints are applied to strike just the right balance between dullness and metal sheen. The I Am Ned: NED maquette is limited to 50 pieces. Each statue is hand numbered on the bottom of the base and signed by Max. Edition number is determined by how soon you make your order, so make sure you get in early!

Ned Kelly Television

Ned-Kelly-TV-ToyReleased to celebrate the 1970 movie ‘Ned Kelly’ starring Mick Jagger, the Ned Kelly Television features scenes from the Glenrowan Tourist Centre (including pictures of statues which are now long gone). You watch these images via a View-Master style screen. This rare little collectable measures 5cm high by 3.5 cm wide, and 2cm deep.

Kelly Gang Playing Cards

These original illustrations capture the youthful, destructive urges of the four outlaws, and each design captures a unique element of their outlaw character. The outlaws’ weapons are based on the weapons of choice of the actual Kelly Gang. The Jokers’ design pays specific homage to two characters, the outlaw Ned in the now famous suit of armour from his last stand at Glenrowan, and his remarkable mother Ellen, who outlived convict transportation to Australia and 7 of her 12 children. Ned Kelly’s famous Metal Armour is arguably one of the most iconic images of modern Australian history. The actual suit of armour is on display in the State Library of Victoria, Australia. As for the artist – the court cards, in fact all the cards, are original designs by the talented up-and-coming designer, Erik Suswanto.


Ned Kelly RedNeds-Red-Logo is premium red wine based ready to drink refreshment. It is a full flavoured beverage with a dash of real orange and lemon juice. Ned Kelly Red was the brainchild of Callipari wines in Mildura. They wanted a product that is unique and iconic. Ned Kelly Red is just that. It is all Australian and one of a kind and most of all people love it. Ned Kelly Red is a Red Wine Spritzer, a blend of premium Australian red wine with orange and lemon juice with no artificial colouring. It is 5% alcohol in volume and is totally refreshing.

A small survey was conducted amongst their target audience as well as some older and some younger. The results were surprisingly good. Most liked the product and the decision on the name had to be finalised. By the end of 2003 ‘Ned Kelly Red’ was born and a new legend has been created. You can buy your Ned Kelly Red at leading independent stockists throughout Australia or you can order it direct from Callipari Wines. Ned Kelly Red suits many and varied palates. People that do not drink wine love it as it makes… ‘red wine more palatable’ and others call it ‘red wine trainer’. Ned Kelly followers both love it and collect it, people looking for a refreshing drink that is not too sweet, love it also.