Blood In The Dust

The Book

Blood-In-The-Dust-Cover-2008Blood in the Dust: Inside the minds of Ned Kelly & Joe Byrne is a graphological analysis of the handwriting of Ned Kelly and Joseph Byrne. It contains three complete psychological studies based on an adult sample of Joe Byrne’s handwriting, and both an adolescent and adult sample of Ned Kelly’s handwriting. The analyses build a complete personality profile of both men, including detailed descriptions of their intellect and mental processes, emotionality, physical attributes, social outreach, and sexuality. Each analysis also discusses specific relationships revealed in the handwriting, including the relationship with parents, other relatives, friends and enemies.

Angeline Baron takes the Kelly story, and the analysis of two of its most intriguing characters, into territory previously imagined in other books on the subject but rarely explored in such explicit, provocative and gripping detail. A must-read for all Kelly scholars and anyone else with even the faintest interest in arguably the most powerful saga in Australian history.

Ben Collins, journalist and author 

This new edition contains a fully revised Short History of the Kelly Gang by’s Brad Webb. This new section is aimed to introduce those new to the legend an overview of the life and times of Ned Kelly, Joe Byrne, Dan Kelly and Steve Hart. The book also contains the complete collection of Kelly Letters including the Babington Letter penned by Ned when he was only fifteen, and the Sherritt Letter written by Joe to test Aaron Sherritt‘s loyalty.

The Author

Angeline Baron began studies in graphology in 1983. By that time, she already had a long-standing interest in Australian History, specifically The Kelly Outbreak. Her passion for these two subjects continued throughout her busy working life. Angeline is a Radiographer, currently working within the public health sector. During her undergraduate training at RMIT University, Angeline completed studies in developmental and behavioural Psychology. She continues private study in Psychology, specifically as it applies to her research in Graphology.

Rarely does a book throw light on such historic subject matter in such a forthright and sometimes confronting fashion. Baron’s work stands out like a shining beacon among an ever-growing tide of rehashed Kellyana.

Angeline embarked on Blood in the Dust in 2001. The analyses of the handwriting samples of Joe Byrne and Ned Kelly were completed over a twelve-month period. Angeline’s exhaustive analytical technique borrows from several disciplines within the field of Graphology, but is not bound by them. Her own method of analysis has been developed and tested during the twenty years of research she has undertaken in the field. In 2002, in her capacity as Graphologist, Angeline appeared as guest speaker at the Australia Day exposition of the Jerilderie Letter held at the Old Melbourne Gaol. She is currently researching her next book.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
7 Sample of late 19th Handwriting Style
9 The History of the Kelly Outbreak by Bradley K. Webb

Analysis of the Handwriting of Edward Kelly (Adolescent Sample)
25 Background to the Research
27 Intellect and Mental Processes
32 Physical Attributes
33 Traits of Emotion
37 Outreach into Society
41 Specific Relationships
43 Sexuality

Analysis of the Handwriting of Edward Kelly (Adult Sample)
47 Background to the Research
49 Intellect and Mental Processes
56 Physical Attributes
57 Traits of Emotion
63 Outreach into Society
70 Specific Relationships
71 Sexuality

Analysis of the Handwriting of Joseph Byrne (Adult Sample)
75 Background to the Research
77 Intellect and Mental Processes
85 Physical Attributes
87 Traits of Emotion
93 Outreach into Society
97 Specific Relationships
101 Sexuality

103 Endnotes

The Kelly Letters
115 The Babington Letter
116 The Cameron Letter
127 The O’Loghlen Letter
128 The Jerilderie Letter
147 The Parkes Letter
148 The Sherritt Letter
149 The Condemned Cell Correspondence

165 Glossary of Graphological Terms
170 Bibliography

Download: Introduction and Handwriting Sample (PDF)