The Last Outlaw



  • John Jarratt … Ned Kelly
  • Steve Bisley … Joe Byrne
  • Elaine Cusick … Mrs. Kelly
  • Peter Hehir … Aaron Sherritt
  • Sigrid Thornton … Kate Kelly
  • Lewis Fitz-Gerald … Tom Lloyd
  • David Bradshaw … Wild Wright
  • Gerard Kennedy … Harry Power
  • Debra Lawrance
  • Tim Elliott
  • Paul Mason
  • Jacki Kerin
  • John Ley
  • Ric Herbert

The most accurate and lavishly presented story of the Ned Kelly saga to-date has to be Ian Jones and Bronwyn Binns\’ mini-series The Last Outlaw made in 1980 by Pegasus Productions and Channel Seven Melbourne. Directed by Kevin James Dobson and George Miller (Mad Max) with music by Brian May, the Logie award winning four part mini-series was filmed on location in and around Kelly Country. With a total running time of 379 minutes, the four part mini-series was presented in the following episodes – one: 1869 to 1874; two: 1875 to 1878; three: 1878 to 1879; and four: 1879 to 1880.



\"LastAn unmistakable Australian icon – a smoking revolver, two piercing eyes behind a makeshift mask of armour. But beyond the armour, behind the eyes was a man both ruthless and gentle, rugged and kind – the infamous last outlaw, Ned Kelly was his name. Both revered and reviled throughout the ages Ned Kelly (John Jarratt, Wolf Creek) was an Irish-Australian battler-cum-bushranger, fiercely independent and pushed into action by the repressive colonial authorities of the time. From the creative team behind Against The Wind, accurately presented and meticulously researched to the finest detail, The Last Outlaw examines the life of Ned Kelly, and expounds the legend from early indiscretions and the formation of his gang through to the violent killings at Stringybark Creek, culminating in his explosive last stand and shoot out at Glenrowan. Also featuring Sigrid Thornton, Steve Bisley, Gerard Kennedy, Julia Blake, Lewis Fitz-Gerald and a throng of first-class Australian talent. The Last Outlaw is a remarkable four-part miniseries presentation that deflects historical judgement and allows the legend to live on.

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