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The Last Outlaw

First published 1980 by HSV7

This is possibly the best $2.50 I, well probably my mum, has ever spent back in 1980. It details the making of the most impressive Ned Kelly drama to-date – The Last Outlaw. The attention to detail was amazing, then again what more would you expect when you see that the credits included Ian Jones and Bronwyn Binns. If you spot this magazine anywhere buy it because they are as scarce as hen’s teeth!

Les Carlton

Magazine The Last Outlaw

The Kelly Gang: The Last of the Bushrangers

First published 2004 by Five Mile Press

Author Geoff Hocking has extracted the large Ned Kelly section from his previous book Bail Up! and re-presented it in this student orientated format The Kelly Gang: The Last of the Bushrangers, which does a good job in introducing the Kelly story — although minor, annoying errors prevent it from being a must read.

Geoff Hocking

Magazine Last Of The Bushrangers

Ned Kelly Country

First published 1997 by Robert Brown and Associates

A well documented publication outlining the various environs relating to the Kelly Gang. Backed up by numerous colour photographs (most featuring the wife and kids), this magazine is a must have for anyone setting out in search of the once hidden trails along Kelly Country. Just don’t take Powell’s map skills as the gospel.

Greg Powell

Magazines Ned Kelly Country

Ned Kelly In Pictures

First published 1980 by Southdown Press

For the uninitiated, this large format magazine is a great introduction to the legend of the Kelly Gang. It features over fifty original photographs and line drawings. The narrative gives an overview to the Kelly uprising and should hopefully ignite the readers interest to follow up with some in-depth research such as Max Browns’ great piece of literacy work Australian Son.

Les Carlton

Magazine Ned Kelly In Pictures

Ned Kelly Centenary Festival

First published 1980 by New Chum Promotions

Forget Woodstock in the 1960s … Oh to be back in North East Victoria (namely Winton) in 1980. This would have been a Kelly enthusiasts dream to wander the dusty showground sampling the delights of the Centenary Festival. Oh well, at least I have the program to pour over.

Peter Galvin

Magazine Centenary Festival

Kelly Culture: Reconstructing Ned Kelly

First published 2003 by State Library of Victoria

As the catalogue for the State Library of Victoria’s 2003 Ned Kelly exhibition, at five dollars a booklet, this was a must have buy. While the insipid cover belies a treasure trove of information, the publication does forget to list any online resources. Obviously the internet didn’t rate too highly in the early 2000s at the State Library. So while Redmond Barry stands outside in the freezing cold of another Melbourne winter, inside the Library his nemesis Edward Kelly continued to attract the public’s attention in Kelly Culture: Reconstructing Ned Kelly.

Beth Dolan

Magazine Kelly Culture

Ned Kelly

First published 1980 by The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd

This large format tabloid sized magazine recorded ‘the events that made the man a legend, as reported at the time in picture and story in The Weekly Times and The Australasian Sketcher.’ The front cover features artist Thomas Carrington, who went to Glenrowan to illustrate events, and titled this on-the-spot sketch ‘Ned Kelly at Bay.’ The drawing first appeared on the front page of The Australasian Sketcher dated Saturday, July 3rd 1880. Add this to your collection if you can find a copy.

The Weekly Times

Magazine Ned Kelly Weekly Times

Ned Kelly: Beyond The Legend

First published 2003 by BBMT Promotions Pty Ltd

This multi-faceted publication contains a wealth of Kellyana information and is a perfect starting point for anyone interested in studying the phenomenon that is Ned Kelly. School children in particular will find this a valuable resource for any upcoming history assignments. Although sporting images pulled directly from Ned: The Exhibition (many uncredited from the lens of Matt Deller) the purchase cost alone is enough to make you want to buy a copy.

Ian Jones

Magazine Beyond The Legend

Framing Ned Kelly

First published 1992 by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

While the featured paintings in Framing Ned Kelly: Paintings by Sidney Nolan 1945 – 47 are magnificent – five out of five – the supplied narration is incredibly ordinary. I hope this text was written for children as an introduction to the works of Sidney Nolan, otherwise Louise Martin-Chew must think we are all artistic imbeciles.

Louise Martin-Chew

Book Framing Ned Kelly

Australian Bushrangers: The Romance of Robbery

First published 1998 by Murray David Publishing

What a ridiculous title. Exactly what ‘romance’ can be found in being robbed? I found this in a $5 or less bin at a local bookstore. It probably should have been in the recycle bin instead, because all the information contained within it’s pages has been said before. I wonder if Ms Molitorisz’s really believed she was furthering the debate on nineteenth century Australian bushranging, or was she just after a quick buck? Either way, this book should have stayed in China where it was printed.

Sacha Molitorisz

Magazine Australian Bushrangers