The Babington Letter


The Babington Letter is an emotionally charged document, hastily penned by a distressed adolescent. Ned Kelly was just fifteen when he was arrested in 1870 for highway robbery. While he narrowly escaped conviction, his ‘master’ Harry Power was captured, tried and sentenced to fifteen years gaol. Ned was blamed for the capture when one of his uncles was responsible for the betrayal and subsequent reward. 

The Letter

James Babington, July 28, 1870

I write those few lines hoping to find you and Mister Nickilson in good health as I am myself at present I have arrived safe and I would like you would see what you and Mstr Nickelson could do for me I have done all circomstances would alow me which you now try what you can do answer this letter as soon as posabel direct you letter to Daniel Kelly gretta post office that is my name no more at present

Edward Kelly

Every one looks on me like a A black snake send me an answer me as soon posable