The Iron Outlaw

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Ned Kelly

Most Australians know something about Ned Kelly – his gang’s final shoot out with police at Glenrowan, Ned in his iron armour then down by troopers shooting at his exposed legs, his subsequent trial and hanging in Melbourne – it’s a story often told. But did you know that Ned was planning a republic of North-east Victoria? That many of the settlers in the area were ready to take on the establishment and form their own independent state? That Ned’s ‘life of crime’ can be linked to the gross corruption of the colonial Victorian police force? Historian Brad Webb has written the essential guide to the Kelly legacy, with rarely seen images. This book is a must for any library. and has plenty to offer to those who think they know the full story of the Kelly Gang.

The Iron Outlaw

Brad Webb
New Holland Publishing
ISBN 9781742579863
208 pages


On page 113 under the title ‘Ned Kelly’s brother, Jim, lived until 1946’ the author’s original content was incorrectly altered to read, ‘Fortunately for Jim, he was in gaol when the siege at Glenrowan occurred.’ Earlier in the paragraph the author writes that Jim Kelly ‘was released in January 1880’ which was five months prior to the siege. It is the author’s hope that this error is corrected prior to any subsequent reprint.