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We receive hundreds of emails each year and it is important to keep a record of our readers ideas and opinions. Our Feedback Archive enables their views to be listed forever (well, until we get shut down). You can access readers thoughts on the world of Ned Kelly since last century, in six month intervals, by clicking on the links above.

From: Michele Eve [] 26 Jun 08
Congratulations on finishing the renovations to the site - looks great! Have a beer or several for me in Beechworth, after you leave the Court house maybe ;) I would send a picture of my Melbourne done tattoos for the Skin section but there is not a helmet nor a beard in sight. Maybe next time... I'm sure all the devos who read this site would be disappointed in your photo no-show...

'Glenrowin Affair' 1951
From: Leisa Mayes [] 24 Jun 08
Hi my grandfather was in the Glenrowen affair im pretty sure he played Joe but not 100% whicj character. Every other website has his name in the cast list but not your website.Wondering if you have made a mistake or something else. What, like a spelling mistake? Actually I have just checked the IMDB web site and updated the 'Glenrowan Affair' information in our Movies section, as it was a bit off

Was this for real?
From: Alan Crichton [] 23 Jun 08
Hi Brad, I couldn’t help but shake my head with amazement when I read of the train fiasco at Glenrowan just recently. I hope it was pre-arranged with all parties, if not, the improvers association must be getting pretty desperate if they were responsible for this last little episode. I mean really…..Donning a Ned Kelly helmet while holding a bloody rifle even though most probably only a replica and standing on the track and flagging down a passenger train to a halt on a running line? This sounds like a stunt Bob the Brainbox Hempel and his mechanical pissing dog would have done. I realise Glenrowan is a very important part of our Kelly related history but what purpose did this serve? Could you imagine how the driver of that train would have felt with the responsibility of 400 passengers to worry about? Fair enough, it bought some headlines and attention but where does it stop? From what I’ve read it’s all about getting the new standard gauge line moved a couple of meters and an operational platform so that trains can stop at Glenrowan and let off tourists and sightseers, all for the cost to the Government of a lousy million plus dollars.

Now if you want to state a case for change and catch up with Timmy Fischer again to remind him of your Glenrowan meeting in June, all you have to do is buy a ticket for a lousy $1204.50 to the AusRail Conference that’s being held in the Melbourne Convention Centre on the 1st and 2nd of December 2008, or go to the Gala dinner that will only cost you a measly $165. On top of all that you’ll …… Get the latest insights into rail related policy. Debate the current and future direction for rail. Understand current and projected developments in rail. Hear from Australasia’s rail CEOs. Learn from detailed & successful case studies from Australia and internationally. Build up your peer network & forge new relationships with top level decision makers. Take inspiration from cutting edge technological developments.

Now if you don’t get a chance to talk to Mr. Fischer at the conference, you’ll probably get to talk to him at the dinner and hope that he even remembers who you are. He’ll most probably be thinking about things like the privatisation of the National Freight Network and what wine they’re serving at dinner and definitely not steam trains, Ned Kelly tourism, or even Glenrowan.

It wasn’t all that long ago back in 1981 on the 4th of October that the Government decided on another plan called the New Deal For Country Passengers. A deal that brought about the closure of not only Glenrowan but Mangalore, Monea, Locksley, Longwood, Creighton(I think the spelling must be wrong), Baddaginnie and Barnawatha; 35 stations in all. All of this I believe to speed up the freight and passengers from Melbourne to Albury which to the Government was a roaring success not only in cutting transport time but of course an increase in the almighty dollar. I just can’t see the bureaucrats dipping into their pockets to change things again for the sake of Glenrowan.

So guys, if you want something done, try to go about it the right way next time and don’t hide behind Ned Kelly’s helmet.You'll give him a bad name. He’s been blamed for enough already. What’ll be next, a bloody bank hold-up in Jerilderie? I think Jerilderie only has ATMs now...

Desperately seeking Betty
From: Bill Walsh [] 21 Jun 08
Dear Outlaw, my name is Bill Walsh and am trying to locate a Betty Castle from Mildura. I understand she is a descendant of bushranger Harry Power. I am undertaking research for a novel, any help would be appreciated and several masses will be offered for same. As I live in Waterford, Ireland, birthplace of Harry, dropping over to Victoria isn't an option at this stage though will be making the trip later. Dear Outlaw?

Alex McDermott
From: Mick Fitzsimons [] 20 Jun 08
What an interesting peice of rubbish this moron writes and I certainly let him know what I thought of it. He's obviously very pro British and not got a clue about our early history, the wealthy landowners, the Melbourne Club and a corrupt and incompetent Police Force, all backed by a biased media. He is also in denial about the support for Ned Kelly, during the period he was being pursued and the rallies and partition to try and stop him being hanged. Having him write about Ned Kelly is like that other idiotic notion going around at the moment of Paul Keating heading our tourist campaign in Britain. Who could forget him referring to Oz as the arsehole of the world and I can also recall the Poms being 'thrilled' about him mauling their Queen. Keatings crack at the Queen was probably the only touch-up she's had in a very long time...

Mirth & Music
From: Stinger Nettleton [] 20 Jun 08
I understand Music was found still tethered out behind Jones' Hotel some time after the Glenrowan battle. Do we know what happened to Mirth? From Max Brown's 'Australian Son', "As if to warn her master, the outlaw’s grey mare passed a few metres to the rear and Kelly turned to find Steele advancing at a run, swinging his gun as if to club him."

Steve Hart's Horse
From: Chris Ramage [] 20 Jun 08
Along with Ned horse, Mirth and Joe Byrne's horse, Music, does anyone know the name of Steve Hart's horse?

Ned Kellys horse
From: Jocelyn Blackmore [] 19 Jun 08
Could someone tell me the full name of Ned Kellys horse? Thank you. Mirth. Joe's was called Music

Dave Fagan
From: Debbie [] 16 Jun 08
Hi Brad, you probably won't remember me. I met you several times with Dave Fagan. Do you know Dave has both his legs totally tattoo with Kelly stuff. I would love to see you update your photos of him. They have been done by Gary from Gusart. Great job again. Give him a call, he still has the same phone no. On another note, I was with the guys that stopped the last steam train in Glenrowan on 14th June. In one word 'AWESOME'. You need some photos to go with the article listed in 'Ned in the news'. Anyway thanks for the great web site. It just gets better everytime I see it. Deb, last time we spoke Dave was building a house next to yours in Glenrowan. I'll bring my camera to Beechworth and hopefully we can catch up there.

Ned's Birthday
From: Stinger Nettleton [] 12 Jun 08
G'day from WA. I am a long-time Kellyphile and like many others, eagerly awaiting the publication of 'The Last Outlaw' sometime. My particular area of interest is Ned's relationship with Harry Power, his 'tutor'. As to Ned's unknown birthday, I think it would be a serendipitous co-incidence if it was 4th December 1854, the same date as the Eureka Stockade which happened I think about 50 miles from where he was born. OK, I am prepared take responsibility for starting yet another unfounded rumour! Cheers all. The camps are split down the middle with Ian Jones saying 1854 and Max Brown saying 1855. I am favouring Max's theory. Alan Crichton has some interesting thoughts. Click here to read all about it

From: Faith [] 11 Jun 08
Hi There look i just want to say about these diggers in glenrowan i am a big fan of Ned so i'm not saying that i totally disagree with it but i have to wonder what is the point? all they are really doing is distroying another Australian icon most people i have spoken to love glenrowan the way it is and what it represents now all its going to be is a bunch of holes and like everything else loved in this country it will be lost. i believe that glenrowan had already been broken down enough it didn't need to be dug up on the chance that some people may find some bullets... i would really love to send out an OI!! to anyone that has signed off on this kinda thing and say "let us just keep it the way we like it" because if this kinda thing happens for years to come i have to wonder will there be anything left to go vist thats going to actually remind us of the kelly gang at Glenrowan no a little bit more then some bullets ...i started reading about The Kelly Gang when i was 14 years old and i find myself at Glenrowan and other place's at least once a year now i'm 21 and i have my own lil boy and one day when he's older i would love to take him to glenrowan and tell him the story i have taken time to learn so much about ... i just have to wonder will it still be there and will Glenrowan still hold the same fame that it does today the sad part of it all is i hold little hope for such a great Icon for all Australians ..thanyou There's a joke here about Glenrowan being a hole but I'm not going to mention it...

The Story Of Ned Kelly DVD
From: Craig Bratby [] 10 Jun 08
Greetings friends of I'm a reinvigorated Kelly enthusiast who today received The Story Of Ned Kelly DVD in the post (ordered via this very site, no less). Just posting to share my delight in the content. I'm currently planning the itinerary for my young family's tour of Kelly country. The DVD 'extra features' finds Ian Jones at the precise locations of interest. Our holiday will be so much more enjoyable because of his insights. My young kids just came running in to me while typing this message. They've just seen the Nurofen ad with Ned. For those that haven't seen it, here it is on YouTube [and in our multimedia section]. PS: Alan, thanks for your correspondence recently. See you all at Beechworth in August.

Lily Arabella Cherry
From: Chris Ramage [] 07 Jun 08
Hi Brad. You asked for more info on Lily Arabella Cherry - supposed girlfriend of Steve Hart. Do you know that she was born in Daylesford in 1878, daughter of John Nathaniel Cherry and Lucy Parsons. Lily went on to marry Charles William Forster or Foster in Daylesford, children - 1903 Arthur Charles 1905 Lily Elizabeth 1907 Edna Berrill. Her registration number in pioneer births '8376'. If Lucy was born in 1878, it impossible for her to be linked to Steve Hart as a girlfriend. And we know that he perished in the siege at Glenrowan! Or did he? I think it is about time the association with Steve Hart and the image be stopped from being used as publicity albeit cheap publicity. Still, we can't let the facts get in the way of a good story now can we? Otherwise half the internet would be just blank pages...

Ned Photo
From: Benjamin [] 09 Jun 08
I WANT A PIC OF NED KELLY WITH HIS GUN AND ARMOR!!! I WANT IT NOW!!! NOW!!! Where did I put that photo of Ned posing in his armour during the half time break at the Glenrowan siege?

ned is he an out law or a peoson being out lawed
From: Vicky [icyou@yahoo] 06 Jun 08
in all your statment you tell us he was an peopson being outlawed. though this is partly not ture for did he not kill rob and steal. so i ask you to show all sides of the story. Mmmm, someone's on Dee Rugs...

What the bloody...
From: Alan Crichton [] 31 May 08
Hi Brad, I don't mean to bombard you with feedback, but what I've read about the ground shaking discoveries being made at the Anne Jones Inn dig just keeps leaving me in a state of wondor. I must admit, this time the dig has been carried out in the manner in which you would expect an archeological excavation to be carried out. The bulldozers and jack hammers have been left at home for once and the brushes and trowels have been introduced; What a relief. But I still can't fathom out what the dig is all about. We have been told over and over again from testimony of people who were there at the time of the siege what happened. What did they expect to find; Dan and Steve still hiding down in the cellar and screaming out ; "It's about bloody time!!" From what I've read in the news, they've found a couple of shell casings from Martini Henry rounds, but from their date of origin it is doubtful they were used at the siege.They have also found a percussion cap that was used in a muzzle loading weapon. Could it be from Ned's weapon that was used on Lonigan, or was it from the Pocket Colt he could have used on Fitzpatrick, or was it the Navy Colt he knocked off from Devine in Jerilderie?

With this important find they can now get a fair idea where the boys were when all the shite was going down. We know it couldn't be Ned, because from what we've been told, he wasn't in the inn for most, if not all of the siege. They have also come up with the surprising revelation that the siege was immediate, and that firing of weapons came from both outside and inside the inn. Well bugger me; that's news isn't it? So where does the excavation leave us? Nowhere, that's where. The dig is finished for the time being and what we'll most probably see for quite some time is a small block of sacred dirt covered by a black polyurethane shroud to take the place of the orange plastic eyesores from the siege site. What with all the bones flying around in Pentridge, and dirt flying everywhere in Glenrowan, I can picture Ned looking on from the hereafter and shaking his head in disgust and disbelief saying...."What the bloody...? If they want to leave the siege site in a manner befit of tourism AND preservation they should drop a 20mm glass cover over the entire area and allow the punters an up close look. Throw in some sensor activated voice-overs and special highlight lighting and you'd have a winner. Best bet is none of that will happen though!

I love you Ned
From: Andrew Aristides [] 25 May 08
Hi. I am a big fan of yours can you help me with my project about you. thank you. Can't wait, and I mean really can't...

Shandies at the Hibernian anyone?
From: Alan Crichton [] 17 May 08
Hi Bradley, It's only about 74 sleeps to go, and I just wanted to know if the Ironoutlaw punters will be gathering at the Hibernian Hotel to kick off festivities for yet another memorable Ned Kelly Beechworth Weekend? Last year the opening of the Art show must have had you otherwise occupied. If I may be so bold big fella; I dropped into the Hibernian to catch up with you and the punters on the Friday night before going to dinner at the Nicholas, but alas, all I found was myself sitting alone for over an hour.

I felt a little uncomfortable in that public bar amidst the presence of rough looking fellows who looked like they had just come down from a logging camp somewhere in the distant hills, still attired in their sweaty blue singlets, soiled flannelette shirts and all bearing the scent of a wrestlers jock strap. Sipping on my shandy through a nervously chewed pink plastic straw in a tall glass, I could feel their devilish eyes burning upon me. To show my defiance, I casually ordered another shandy and straightened my Steam Boat Billy cap that was, I must admit, tilted on my head in a rather provocative manner. I might also admit that my Joe Byrne Crimean striped shirt looked rather striking under a well cut black suede leather vest that fell to slightly touch my tailored light brown corduroy riding pants. I could sense these roughians all staring in want of my imported tan coloured riding boots whose leather had been softened by the teeth of a thousand virgin Eskimo women ; their high larrikin heels tapping nervously on the floor. It was only at that moment I decided to swiftly take my leave.

Looking constantly over my shoulder, I made haste to the security of the Nicholas Hotel and the cheerful band of sympathisers who were all making merry in the dining room. At last I could relax, that was, until I caught sight of that bloody gentleman bushranger from Bondi, Brian McDonald. There he was, dressed in his fancy silk frilly shirt, crimson cummerbund, and those white and tight Italian trousers I would have killed for. Standing above the crowd like some peacock in that tailored silken embossed waistcoat with the larrikin heel of his thigh length black leather boot resting casually against the wall like some cheap floozy, I could see his darting eyes searching the room and screaming to all; Look at me! Look at me! I approached him with a struggled smile to say hello, thinking all the while; ‘where the bloody hell were you when I was left by myself at the Hibernian Hotel and surrounded by all those roughians and where the blazes did you get that gorgeous outfit?’

The rest of the evening was history Bradley. So if you happen to be going again this year, and decide to have drinks and nibblies at the Hibernian, could you please rally the sympathisers at Ironoutlaw and make a show of it this time. If you can’t recognise me, I’ll be the one at the bar wearing the Steam Boat Billy cap tilted rather provocatively and sipping on a tall shandy through a pink plastic straw in a tall glass. Talking about Beechworth already?!? Okay, I was at the Hibernian during the day where I was having more than a shandie with Eric Douthie (husband of 'I was at the Kelly Gang round-up' Judith Douthie). And boy can he put them away! So I must admit the rest of the night was a bit of a blur but I do remeber sinking a few reds at the 'Framed" launch (guess that makes me a binge drinker under Rudd's new guidelines). Promise to be more organised this year so stay tuned...

Ned Kelly's bones were missing because...
From: Patrick G Byrnes [] 12 May 08
In 1929 the Wagga Wagga Daily Advertiser reported that in 1929 when workmen were using a steam shovel outside the jail digging a ditch they sheared the lid of a coffin and was believed to be Ned Kellys so the workmen took some of the bones home as soveniers this is why all of his bones were not complete. Regards.

Such is Life, even in Death!
From: Alan Crichton [] 22 Apr 08
Hi Brad, A small article in the Sunday Mail caught my eye about an amnesty plan for the return of Ned’s skull that was knocked off from the Melbourne Gaol Exhibit years ago. (Might I just add, a touching gesture on the Victorian Government’s part.) They want to reunite his skull with the rest of the poor buggers bones they think they’ve finally found. So now the Government departments are fighting over whose going to fork out the dollars for the D.N.A and forensic tests. If one wasn’t a supporter of Ned Kelly in life, any God fearing person today could not help but feel sorry for him in death. A hundred and twenty eight years ago the Victorian Government spent thousands of pounds to eventually send this young bloke to the drop. Not satisfied with this, they then remove his head and organs and distribute them as trophies amongst themselves. They then dump him in a two bob coffin and bury it somewhere in the grounds of the Melbourne Gaol hoping never to see it again. His last plea to be buried in consecrated ground is quickly dismissed. Now the Victorian Government want him back and are prepared once more to search half of Australia to find him. Doesn’t make sense does it? Maybe they just want to say they’re sorry and let bygones be bygones, or is it for other reasons. Will Ned finally get his last request and his remains buried in consecrated ground, or will they be so reverently assembled like some ghoulish jig saw puzzle, given a coat of varnish and put on display for the multitudes to simply gawk in awe at? You were right Ned; the Government did come to scatter pieces of you not only throughout the bush, but throughout every corner of Australia. Such is life, or should I say death. Rest in peace Australian Son, you bloody well deserve it.

Kelly Assignment
From: Cathy [] 11 Apr 08
Im doing this assignment on peter carey's novel True history of the Kelly gang and the task is to do a dramatic monologue as a character from the book, it is on an implied or missing scene from the storyline... ive chose my character and scene but i dont seem to know how to start... i think its because of the language and accent that is used in the book so i just hoped that u can help me get a crack at it.

Kelly connection - German blacksmith Jindera NSW-VIC border
From: John Schilling [email address withheld by request] 10 Apr 08
Hello All, A story has been passed down through my family from my Dad\'s mother of her Father's involvement with Ned Kelly. Some new information has been found. Grandma's family tells the story that Great Grandpa Kuchel used to shod Ned Kelly's horses while a blacksmith at Jindera on the NSW/Vic border.. My Great Grandfather was born on 03 September 1862 so was only a very young man when he allegedly knew Ned Kelly. In 1879 he would have only been 17 years old but already a competent blacksmith. Johann Friedrich Kuchel had recently moved from Springton in South Australia to the German community at Jindera in NSW near the Victorian border. His brother Carl was later the teacher at the Lutheran school there. We have long considered the possibility that Great grandpa may have been connected to the manufacture of the suits of armor as he had a wicked sense of humour and probably had little allegiance to the authorities due to his ethnic background, his age and his newness to the area. This cannot be verified. I have actually examined one of the suits of armor in great detail having photographed one once and I can testify that there are no makers initials on the armor (chuckle). I was lucky enough to be commissioned to photograph Joe Byrne's armor by the owner QC Hammond of Canberra.

During this process I was allowed to wear the armor and in contrast to the comments made elsewhere on Bailup, I can testify that it would have been relatively easy to aim and shoot either rifle or pistol while wearing the armor (I am competent in both disciplines), but I cannot testify to the ease of loading or unloading. This may have been difficult. On page 219 of Ian Jone's "Ned Kelly, A short life" ISBN 0 85091 801 4 by Griffen Press, a story is related "as heard in the area of Winton North, by Joseph Ashmead, an acquaintance of Ned's. This reference lists the maker of the armor as being a foreigner who had been working in the district, was a good man, and never failed to attend church." Johann Friedrich Kuchel's first language was German and my Lutheran ancestors were fastidious about attending church. It fits together nicely but the armor connection cannot be proved. Great Grandpa left the Jindera region at the end of the 1890\'s by Bullock wagon never to return, eventually making his home in Western Australia. (I still have the wagon). I trust that this oral history (it has been published since 1970 in the book "Kuchel 1838 to 1970" Mitchell Press Pty Ltd, 257 West Beach Road, Richmond, SA 5033) will be of interest to researchers.

Original 1881 Royal Commission!
From: George Mcgree [] 01 Apr 08
Wow... some good reading... Finally tracked down original #?? ( not telling..!! ) 1881 Royal Commission in mint condition. Any idea of its value, Brad ? Hopefully more than what I paid... but it was quite a few weeks wages!! Although, already been money well spent for the entertaining "fictional" (ha) read. Keep up the super work on your site... excellent. It wasn't the one that just sold on eBay was it?

Another War Zone?
From: Alan Crichton [] 30 Mar 08
G'day Brad, As you well know I'm a man of few words, but when I read about more so called archeological digs at Glenrowan, one starts to have concerns. Why can't people just leave things as they are? I still can't work out what great discoveries are going to be made from digging up this block of dirt. We all know what happened to the siege site when it was left in the hands of these so called experts, so what makes the Inn site any different. Before the Wangaratta Council turned it into a pubic park, they left it for ages looking more like the aftermath of the bombing of Hiroshima. I'm aware the block of land where the Glenrowan Inn once stood is privately owned by the Briggs family, but any mention of archeological digs and Glenrowan can make one rather anxious. Will the archeologists come in this time with spoons and brushes, or like last time with bulldozers and tip trucks? Finding any significant relics under this ground would be like trying to find meat on a bloody dinosaur bone. From the minute the Inn burnt down in 1880, the looters and scavengers have been picking the bones clean ever since.I've read the experts have got to dig at least a metre down because of the possible remains of buildings that were erected on the site after the inn's destruction.Maybe once all is over and done with, this metre deep block of sacred dirt could end up being the foundations for a Fish 'n' Chip shop or a Ned Kelly Interpretive Centre with its tower looking more like some giant phallic symbol soaring to the heavens above Glenrowan. I suppose all that's left is for us to pray that the Wangaratta Council keep their political noses out of it this time. If I was Linton Briggs, I'd tell the whole lot of 'em to piss off and to leave things well enough alone. I should dedicate a whole section to you...

Alice Kelly
From: Brenda Addie [] 28 Mar 08
Could you please tell me when Ellen Kelly's last child, Alice b. 1878, died? Many thanks.

Not happy Bradley!
From: Alan Crichton [] 21 Mar 08
Hi Brad, and Happy Easter! Unfortunately for me, my Easter has started on a rather disappointing note. Rising early this morning, my first craving was for a freshly toasted hot cross bun and a cup of coffee. My second craving was to sit down and enjoy them on this religious morning and let my eyes dance across the pages of Ironoutlaw. But,oh no Mr. Webb, this was not to be. Instead of the vast information on our Ned, all I get is a bloody blank screen and something telling me about Apache's, and that the rubber band you use in something called a host is too bloody wide. Now Mr. Webb, unless you change this blasted rubber band, I will be forced to sit down for the rest of the morning with nothing but to endure re- runs of religious movies. I will be waiting patiently and most anxiously for the hurried return of Ironoutlaw. We're back! Seems my now useless and totally ex-domain host HostingShop threw a hissy-fit after 26,000 visitors flocked to the site eager to read about poor old Ned's bones. But all is well as I am now hosting the site which means the bandwidth can go supernova without any future melt downs...

Who was it?
From: Anthony [] 19 Mar 08
On my last visit to the Old Melbourne Gaol, I was reading the plaques that are now on the original walls. One of them stated that when the Police garage was demolished, one set of human remains was found under the garage and removed to Fawkner Cemetary. MY radar went up straight away and I was suspicious about why there was very little heard about this find. I remember reading about Ned being buried under the garage. Do you think it could be possible that it was him? Skeletons in the closet...

Our sunshine and such is life
From: Flan [] 17 Mar 08
I have just happened on this website and say Hi to all. Where have i been for near a decade?? I have been a bushranger fan [Being a wild colonial boy myself] for quite awhile and having reserched Ben Hall and thunderbolt etc etc etc for years,i was lucky enough to work on the film that starred heath ledger in 03 and am sorry to say that i portrayed the \"Kelly Hunter\"plain cloths policeman that fired the deserning round that collected poor neds legs and felled him.;-(. After reading our moderators {Hi}review on that film i would have to say you are spot on with your assumption.I worked 7 days on set and saw alot that wasn\'t right with the script and some of us that were the extras had more insight about Ned than the director could ever achieve.Sure i would have loved to be an advisor but it wasn\'t my place. Saying that,there was a race on at the time to be the 1st to produce a Ned film ,the opposing one was the booker prize winning load of rubbish true history of the Kelly gang by Peter carey.Really that book done my head in and i am sure kelly writers of repute would have cringed if it was ever made famous or infamous on film!! i think we were better served with the one we were served.

Ned Kelly
From: Tara [] 17 Mar 08
Hey, im doing a project for school on Ned Kelly and there is one question a cant find an answer for. Why did people petition to save Ned Kelly's life? Why wouldn't they?

Differing views of Ned Kelly
From: Brei [] 14 Mar 08
Hi, im doing an assignment on Ned Kelly for my HSC and i want to write an essay on two views of Ned Kelly: one that portrays him as a legend and one that portrays him as a plain murderer, theif etc. however i cannot find any material that projects Ned as the latter. If anyone else does please reply! thankyou. Plain! Never!

From: Clarry [] 12 Mar 08
Hi, The book below is on Ebay Aus at the moment. Is it worth bidding on? Ned Kelly Ken Little and Dee Huxley First published 1978 by Reed Books. If you don't have it and want to expand your Kelly collection then bid away!

J. J. Kenneally
From: Jan Tope [] 10 Mar 08
Hi. My name is Jan, and I have always had an interest in Australian true crime, The Kelly Gang, in particular. I am attempting to purchase a 1st Edition of J. J. Kenneally's, "The Inner History of the Kelly Gang". It was first published in 1929. Do you know of the existence of this original edition? Or have they all been lost? Thanks for your help. Try Abe Books for starters

From: Jonelle Matson [] 10 Mar 08
I just wanted to thank Alan Crichton for his fantastic reply to my question, and thank you for making such a great site.

Neds final resting place
From: Robert McGarrigle [] 09 Mar 08
Brad, I agree with you that the family should be able to bury Neds remains if they are positively identified. I fear however that one of his last wishes that he would be buried in consecrated ground will not be fullfilled. I believe the authorities should allow him to be buried with some sort of dignity, only God can judge the rights or wrongs of his tragic life. I am a distant relative of Ned & I beleive he should be able to rest in peace like anyone else.

I love it
From: Imuetinyan [] 02 Mar 08
Hi i love this painting it's really good and i wonder if you can send me some too, thank you i really looking forward to it. Yeah, I love it too (by the way, what are we talking about?)

Betty Kelly, nee Castle
From: John White [] 02 Mar 08
Help Please. A Daniel Kelly married Betty Castle. They had a daughter called Elisa. Elisa married William James White. Ned Kelly had a brother called Daniel. Ned Kelly had an uncle called Daniel. Can anyone help with a connection, or otherwise between Betty and Elisa back to Thomas and Mary Kelly? Can anyone help with information about Betty and/ or Elisa?

re. Was Ned married?
From: Ellen Hollow [] 29 Feb 08
Dagmar Balcarek and Gary Deans’ book, Ned And The Others. Credible Source ! Ned Married what poppy cock! Ditto

The Kelly Gang CD
From: Mich Verrier [] 27 Feb 08
I am just wondering weather you might know what the stadice of the first part of a new cd cald The Kelly Gang is? I am wondering weather this CD has been released? I had ordered a copy a few years ago be for it was released and I have not herd anything about it being released. It says on the sight that it was supos to be releaced in 2006 and now we are in 2008 so I am just wondering what is up? The web sight where I herd about this was It mentioned your web sight Ironoutlaw so that is why I thought you might know something. The quote was "On the strength of a CD that has been forwarded to Australia's major music studios - I was privileged to be the first 'outsider' to hear this recording - a great result has been achieved." Ben Collins: Ironoutlaw. Well I look forward to hearing back from you on this madder.from Mich Verrier from New Liskeard Ontario Canada. Looking at the last update on that web site I'd say the CD is dead in the water...

re. Was Ned married?
From: Alan Crichton [] 24 Feb 08
Now just between you and me I’m kind of hoping he was. I think Ned would have made a good husband and father. I mean; How many blokes out there could make bread and bake it in the oven while nursing a baby and not even think twice about it? What about lifting a tub of dirty bathwater and emptying it outside because your missus is in a delicate condition? Not once have I read or heard of Ned ever raising his hands to a woman. He wasn’t scared of hard work, was industrious, and accepted the responsibilities of looking after a family at a very young age. If that’s not enough for you, he was also fearless. With no concern for his own life, at the tender age of twelve he rescues a drowning six year old from a flooding creek, not to mention his one man assault on the police to save his brother and mate at Glenrowan. Now you tell me if Ned deserved a wife or not. If I’d been born ninety years earlier I would have bloody married him myself.

So where did all this talk about our Ned being married come from? Well, from what I read in Dagmar Balcarek and Gary Deans’ book, Ned And The Others, it came from Ned himself. When Ned was giving one of his speeches to the prisoners up in Jerilderie on the 10th February 1879, he was reported to have told them ;‘When outlawed I was only three weeks married.’ This statement was evidently written up in several newspapers including the Corowa Free Press. So why the blazes make a statement like that when you didn’t have to? Who was he trying to impress, and what difference would it make by telling them? Was Ned looking for a bit of sympathy from his captives? We all know Ned was no saint and told a few porky pies when it suited him; but what would he gain from this one? Maybe it was just a tactical manoeuvre to distribute even more misinformation amongst the police. A statement like that would have had the police running all over the place looking for Mrs. Ned Kelly. Getting their hands on Ned’s missus would put them in a great bargaining position, after all, they did try it with his siblings by harassing them, and his relatives and friends by throwing them in the Beechworth prison for no lawful reason. On the other hand, if Ned was telling the truth; why would he put his wife in such a dangerous situation? I find it very hard to believe he would.

Ned Kelly was a good looking bloke, and it wasn’t only me that thought it but quite a few ladies of the day. His cousin Kate Lloyd is supposed to have had romantic links with Ned along with Julia Martin, Mary Miller, Steve’s sister Esther Hart, and Mary the larrikin from Davidson’s Hotel in Jerilderie most probably to name just a few. There is also mention of another woman in ‘Ned And The Others’ who went by the name of Madela who was reported to be Ned’s wife. The name evidently came to light in a report from Constable Dwyer dated 25th Sept 1880. In it, he states that the information came from a lady in Melbourne whose name he can’t reveal. His informant had told of her conversations with Madela (or was her name Madelaine?) and how she had received a splendid watch and other jewellery from Ned. She goes on to tell that she was previously married to a man by the name of Lorreine for ten months before his death. They were at the time keeping a hotel in Greta. Madela then states she was only married to Ned for three months before he went out bushranging. After Ned was caught at Glenrowan, Madela would drop on her knees and pray to God and the Virgin for Ned not to hang. There is also mention of a letter the mysterious informant found in Madela’s possession from Kate Kelly referring to Madela as my dear sister in law. It seems that Constable Dwyer believed this Madela woman was in possession of Sergeant Kennedy’s pocket watch that was taken from his lifeless body at Stringybark Creek.

Another very interesting piece is a letter written by a William J R Wallace to Superintendent Chomley of the Melbourne police. Now from what I can gather from his letter, it looks like he knows exactly who has Kennedy’s watch and is holding out for more of a reward. Poor Mrs Kennedy had offered 5 pounds for its return, but it doesn’t seem to be enough for the person who has the watch, or from what I can gather, Mr. Wallace. He’s also asking for no prosecution against the person who has it; stated not once in his letter but twice. He also states he used to be a policeman. Near the end of the letter, he asks if there is any extra reward offered apart from Mrs Kennedy’s. To me, this bloke’s sounding more and more like a right opportunist, which is putting it very mildly. To quote the authors note: Could Madela be Bridget Conway who married Laurence O’Brien, the proprietor of the Greta Hotel, who died in 1874 aged thirty six? In 1882 Bridget married William John Richard Wallace, a former mounted trooper. If you ask me, I’d say there’s more than a good chance. Who was Bridget seeing after the death of her husband in 1874 up to meeting Wallace in 1880?

Was Sergeant Kennedy’s watch in the possession of Bridget Wallace who was previously married to the owner of the Greta Hotel, Laurence O’Brien, and then to Ned Kelly, and who was now the wife of this William J R Wallace; the same bloke who has been, from what I see, the middle man in the return of Kennedy’s watch? In Ian Jones book A Short Life, he mentions that constable Robert Graham set up his station above Bridget O’Brien’s hotel on the 29th September assisted by three constables; Leahy, MacDonald and Wallace. This last fellow was the Wallace that eventually married Bridget O’Brien or was it Bridget Kelly? Another interesting point that comes to mind is the ladies Geneva watch and chains that Ned had in his possession when captured at Glenrowan. For a macho type of bloke who had access to any number of watches including Kennedy’s, why would he be carrying a ladies watch and chains? Was it held to remember a loved one on a dangerous and rather special occasion?

What about the plain silver ring that we’ve all seen him wearing in that photograph taken the day before he was hanged and which he was still wearing when he fell from the drop as noted in the Bendigo Independent. (A Short Life) Was it a wedding ring worn on the ring finger of his right hand to fool the police? Was that ring proudly displayed in that photo for the benefit of someone apart from his known family and accompanied by what looks to be a wink from Ned? Is he saying his last goodbye to his wife? What happened to the ring after Ned was taken to the dead house? Come to think of it; how was it that Ned was allowed to be wearing jewellery in gaol? InExtracts from Gaol Regulations and General Orders printed in 1914 for N.S.W prisons it states: All prisoners,upon their reception in gaol, shall be duly searched, and all property taken from them, and into the charge of the Governor. ..." (My thanks to Brian Mac for this information). I would assume the same regulations would apply to Victorian prisons as well. It may have been printed in 1914 but I doubt if much would have changed in 34 years. Or did the police simply leave it on his finger because of his injured right hand? I doubt it very much considering this was Ned Kelly and definitely no normal prisoner. They stripped him of all personal possessions at Glenrowan including his sash, I doubt if they would have let him keep a ring five months later. So let us say Ned had no ring on his finger when he arrived at the Melbourne Gaol. Why would he have asked for it to be smuggled in and when? What if he had asked for the ring so it could be worn for that photograph and the gallows? “Till death us do part”.

1. Why did Ned say he was married?
2. Was there any truth in Constable Dwyer’s letter of concern?
3. Why couldn’t Dwyer reveal the name of the person who gave him the information?
4. Was Madela Bridget Conway married to Ned?
5. Did Bridget Wallace nee Conway have Kennedy’s watch?
6. Why was Bridget’s husband William Wallace so worried about the holder of Kennedy’s watch being prosecuted?
7. Why was he asking about an increase in the reward for its return?
8.Why was Ned carrying a ladies watch and chains at Glenrowan?
9. Why was Ned allowed to wear jewellery eg ring on right hand in prison?
10. Was the ring and the photograph possibly for his wife’s benefit ? (‘Till death us do part)

We could go on forever about “what ifs”, but we’ll never know for sure until substantial evidence is brought forward. We can only continue to let our imaginations run wild and hope that somewhere amongst all of the unsubstantiated claims lies an ounce of truth. But that’s what keeps us all so enthralled with the story of Ned Kelly, isn‘t it?.It’s not what we do know, but what we don’t! Yet another book sized email from Alan...

Was Ned married?
From: Jonelle Matson [] 21 Feb 08
Hello, I have recently started reading alot about Ned Kelly, and several books have mentioned that it was started at Jerilderie that Ned was 3 weeks married when outlawed. I wondered if there is any truth to this statement? Not in my copy of the Jerilderie Letter

The Glenrowan Affair
From: Mick Fitzsimons [] 06 Feb 08
The other night on the ABC was an interesting doco/film called ‘Hunt Angels’, about Rupert Kathner and Alma Brooks. Rupert and Alma were would be film makers back in the 1930’s, when the big Hollywood Studios with Mafia backing, bought up all the Australian cinemas and tried to shut down our film industry. Cinemas only allowed to show what films there were told to show and local films could not get a screening. Rupert and Alma after much heartache, many failed attempts to get films off the ground, doing newsreels and “gentleman’s only” films, went on to make, “The Glenrowan Affair”, in 1951. When screened in Kelly Country, Rupert was reluctant to attend, fearing criticism and backlash that had greeted the film elsewhere. This screening was however, a huge success.

Newspaper Article
From: Albert [] 18 Jan 08
Hi I stubbled across a news paper printed by The Australasian dated Saturday, November 9 1878. I bought this paper paying a lot more than the advertised price in 1878, just for the history of it having old farm equipment, guns etc in it. Browsing though the pages I came to a wanted add for poor old Ned. This is a repo wanted poster. Reading the pages where this was I found how the troopers were boarding a train and going to where Ned and gang was last seen trying to capture them. At this time the paper tells about the flooded river that the gang could not cross, to get in to NSW. I would say the printer of this paper was leaning towards the troopers and not Ned, If that printer was about today he would never be able to keep up with the Ned Kelly's of today. I could ramble on for hrs on this subject and the paper, But I will pull up on this here. Is this section to interest to you? That's a valuable piece of paper you have there Albert!

Kelly Sympathisers
From: Teresa [] 10 Jan 08
I have it on the authority (?) of family history that my ancestors were Kelly Sympathisers. Anyone got any idea how I could confirm this? Is there a list or something? You can start by checking out our Police list of known sympathisers

Ned Kelly 2004 1/4 oz gold coin
Name : Lizzy [] 10 Jan 08
Hello this is lizzy i was wondering if you could help me in someway i was wanting a price on a gold ned kelly 2004 1/4 oz gold coin if you could get back to me with a price for it that would be greatfull if you could do that Thankyou very much. I'm guessing it's probably the same price you paid for it in 2004, give or take a few bob

Voilet Town
From: Kathleen Mackley [] 07 Jan 08
Your site is good history of ned kelly, i was born in voilet town and lived in benella, keep up the good work. My grand mothers family came from Violet Town. They moved to Melbourne in the early nineteen hundreds

The Ironoutlaw Book
From: Biro [] 5 Jan 08
Hello Brad. Biro here from Forever Art Tattoo Studio in Canberra and I'm here to thank you for all your time and effort for doing what you do for your thoughts about Edward and Daniel. I have done a lot of Tattoos with Ned in them over the years, and with me being an amateur Ned historian and being from Kyabram in the Goulburn Valley with Glenrowan being close to me as a young boy the Information you can give me will be a blessing as it is coming from someone else. Well I'm wishing you all the best for your book and if possible am I able to bye 2 copies signed by you as I am wanting one copy for my brother as a gift. The other for my collection.If this is possible my brothers Nick name is Dug and mine Biro. Thanking you in advance for your time. Yes, that bloody book. It'll either make me or bake me. Either way I'll reserve you two copies

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