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Richard Shelton Richard Shelton was rescued from the flooded Hughes Creek by a young Ned Kelly on his way to school in Avenel. Richard’s grandson, Ian ‘Bluey’ Shelton, became a famous Essendon footballer. Shelton’s parents, Esau and Margaret, presented Ned with a fine green silk sash which he wore at Glenrowan.
Photo Max Brown

The Kelly Gang have seen their fair share of documents and reports relating to the outbreak. Attempting to list them all would be a logistical nightmare. Below however, is a selection of the more fascinating and freely available pieces of information which I hope you may find of interest. Also included are present day newspaper reports which prove that even 126 years on, Ned still can't keep out of the trouble! If you are interested in some further reading, including two of Ned’s more infamous letters plus what Australia's most famous soldier Sir John Monash thought of Mr Edward Kelly, then head over to the Writings section.

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Archived Files The Kelly Family Tree Kelly/Quinn 1779 - 1940
Archived Files Letter to Sergeant Babington Ned Kelly 1870
Archived Files Warrant for Dan Kelly Victorian Judiciary 05.04.1878
Archived Files Stringbark Creek Murder Report Victorian Police 28.10.1878
Archived Files
£8000 Reward Poster Victoria & NSW Governments 15.02.1879
Archived Files £8000 Reward Notice NSW Government 18.02.1879
Archived Files List of known Kelly Sympathisers Victorian Police 1879
Archived Files First report of Ned  Kelly’s capture Victorian Police 28.06.1880
Archived Files Charge Sheet for Lonigan’s Murder Victorian Judiciary 30.07.1880
Archived Files Beechworth to Spencer Street Victorian Railways 11.08.1880
Archived Files Petition for Reprieve David Gaunson 08.11.1880
Archived Files Kelly Family Apollo Hall Handbill Apollo Hall 11.11.1880
Archived Files Ned Kelly’s Criminal Record Victorian Judiciary 1870 - 1880
Newspaper Reports 1878 - 1900
Archived Files
Horses and Cattle Victorian Government Gazette 10.04.1878
Archived Files
Attempt to Murder Victorian Government Gazette 29.04.1878
Archived Files
Attack on Police Victorian Government Gazette 28.10.1878
Archived Files
Murder of Police Victorian Government Gazette 30.10.1878
Archived Files
Murder of Police Victorian Government Gazette 13.12.1878
Archived Files £8000 Reward Notice NSW Government Gazette 18.02.1879
Extermination of the Kelly Gang The Age Melbourne 29.06.1880
Archived Files

Execution of Edward Kelly

Victorian Government Gazette 15.11.1880
Newspaper Reports 1901 - Present
Archived Files A life of Ned Kelly Australian Son Review 1948
Archived Files
Stripping away the Kelly myths Melbourne Herald Sun 27.08.1991
Archived Files
Last link dismounts, taking Kelly lore to the grave The Age Melbourne 07.12.1993
Archived Files
A case for Ned Kelly Melbourne Herald Sun 03.01.1994
Archived Files
Face of history unmasked Melbourne Herald Sun 11.11.1994
Archived Files
Wild colonial republic Melbourne Herald Sun 08.10.1995
Archived Files
How a republic was killed at Glenrowan The Age Melbourne 10.10.1995
Archived Files
Kelly gang rebel talk shrouded in doubt Border Mail 10.10.1995
Archived Files
Kelly book unmasks unconventional hero Melbourne Herald Sun 25.10.1995
Archived Files

Kelly claim refuted

Melbourne Herald Sun 24.05.1998
Archived Files
Kelly legend attacked Weekend Australian 12.09.1998
Archived Files

Did Ned beat the noose?

Melbourne Herald Sun 11.11.1998
Archived Files

Ned's remains are laid to rest

Melbourne Herald Sun 12.11.1998
Archived Files

I've got Ned's head

Melbourne Herald Sun 06.12.1998
Archived Files

Ned leads rogue's gallery

Melbourne Herald Sun 07.02.1999
Archived Files
Ned's legacy just as important today The Australian 07.08.1999
Archived Files
New light on Ned Melbourne Herald Sun 11.11.1999
Archived Files

It was Dan who fled (part one)

Melbourne Herald Sun 28.11.1999
Archived Files

It was Dan who fled (part two)

Melbourne Herald Sun 28.11.1999
Archived Files

Skull custodian warned

Melbourne Herald Sun 03.01.2000
Archived Files

Kelly gang saddles up again

Melbourne Herald Sun 30.01.2000
Archived Files

Ned deserves a decent burial

Melbourne Herald Sun 16.02.2000
Archived Files

Kelly may have missed calling

Melbourne Herald Sun 19.04.2000
Archived Files

Kelly burial backed

Melbourne Herald Sun 18.05.2000
Archived Files

Ned Kelly and me

The Age Melbourne 07.10.2000
Archived Files

The saving of Ned Kelly

Weekend Australian 07.10.2000
Archived Files
Dead man talking The Age Weekend 14.10.2000
Archived Files
Inside the helmet (part one) Weekend Australian 14.10.2000
Archived Files
Inside the helmet (part two) Weekend Australian 14.10.2000
Archived Files
Ned keeps on firing The Age Weekend 21.10.2000
Archived Files
Ned Kelly rides again The Age Weekend 21.10.2000
Archived Files
Carey plea on Kelly Relics Melbourne Herald Sun 27.10.2000
Archived Files
Ned's note shows a man of letters Melbourne Herald Sun 10.11.2000
Archived Files
Return of the Beam Ned died on Weekend Australian 11.11.2000
Archived Files
Kelly's grisly artefact restored Weekend Australian 11.11.2000
Archived Files
Ned back in the saddle Melbourne Herald Sun 04.02.2001
Archived Files
Banks asked to save armour Melbourne Herald Sun 10.02.2001
Archived Files
Stand and deliver Ned’s Skull Melbourne Herald Sun 28.03.2001
Archived Files
Ned rides again for Pies Melbourne Herald Sun 06.08.2001
Archived Files
New life for Kelly mask Melbourne Herald Sun 08.08.2001
Archived Files
Sounds like Ned Melbourne Herald Sun 03.09.2001
Archived Files
Booker win stuns Carey Melbourne Herald Sun 19.10.2001
Archived Files
Kelly was not our true voice Melbourne Herald Sun 22.10.2001
Archived Files
Armour shows Kelly gang’s true colours Melbourne Herald Sun 22.10.2001
Archived Files
Kelly bad blood washed away Melbourne Herald Sun 27.10.2001
Archived Files
Ghosts of the Kellys Melbourne Herald Sun 27.10.2001
Archived Files
Troubled history of the Kelly Gang Weekend Australian 28.10.2001
Archived Files
Ned, the footballer Melbourne Herald Sun 29.01.2002
Archived Files
Release granted for Ned’s head Melbourne Herald Sun 21.05.2002
Archived Files
Town joins Kelly country Melbourne Herald Sun 25.05.2002
Archived Files
Grave robber fury Melbourne Herald Sun 02.06.2002
Archived Files Ned gets his suit together Melbourne Herald Sun 28.06.2002
Archived Files Fuss over Kelly’s fuzz Melbourne Herald Sun 07.07.2002
Archived Files $10m for Ned town Melbourne Herald Sun 30.08.2002
Archived Files Wanted: More Kelly artefacts Melbourne Herald Sun 29.09.2002
Archived Files A common thief or hero? Great Alpine Road Guide Winter 2004
Archived Files Schools get the real Ned story Irish Echo 02.2005
Archived Files Ned Kelly by Brian Hotter One Arts On Tour NZ 03.2005
Archived Files Ned Kelly by Brian Hotter Two Arts On Tour NZ 03.2005
Archived Files Verse Captures Ned Northern Times 14.09.2006
Online Articles
Archived Files Ned Kelly 2002
Archived Files Kelly Gang Armour 21.08.2003
Archived Files Australian film celebrates 100 years with Kelly footage 28.11.2006
Archived Files The Kellys at large, but captured by a policeman 02.12.2006
Archived Files Restoration of The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906) National Film Archive 2007
Archived Files Ned Kelly's suit of Armour State Library of Victoria 2007
Archived Files Ned's nicked as investigator unravels the Kelly fable 26.01.2007
Archived Files John Kelly House (former) 01.02.2007
Archived Files Kellymania 14.02.2007
Archived Files Kelly Armour 16.03.2007
Archived Files Leave Ned Kelly in peace, says heritage group 03.06.2007
Convict history register goes online 25.07.2007
Archived Files Lily Arabella Cherry, girlfriend of Steve Hart? 04.08.2007
Archived Files Ned Kelly comes to life in Beechworth 06.08.2007
Archived Files Drawing on Ned from drawers 18.09.2007
Archived Files Jerilderie Letter Soundscape State Library of Victoria 01.10.2007
Archived File Kelly gang gun is a fake, say firearms experts 15.11.2007
Archived Files Auction house to probe 'Kelly gun' 16.11.2007
Archived File Ned Kelly gun fetches $72,000 at auction 17.11.2007
Archived Files Kate Kelly's revolver up for auction 2008
Archived Files Rudd to scrap Howard's history 10.01.2008
Archived Files Debate rages on who needs history lesson 11.01.2008
Archived Files Grave of Australian outlaw legend Ned Kelly found 09.03.2008
Archived Files Find excites bone hunters 09.03.2008
Archived Files Ned Kelly’s body found: report 10.03.2008
Archived Files Ned Kelly's grave found at prison in Australia 10.03.2008
Archived Files Doubt on bones find - Ian Jones 12.03.2008
Archived Files Ned Kelly's bones spark outrage among victims 16.03.2008
Archived Files Ned Kelly comes to Parramatta 03.05.2008
Archived Files 'Exciting' finds in Ned Kelly dig 14.05.2008
Archived Files Bullet cartridges found at site of Ned Kelly's last stand 14.05.2008
Archived Files Shells at Ned's dig 15.05.2008
Archived Files Kelly 'not guilty' in trial re-enactment 15.05.2008
Archived Files Much better life in today's criminal justice system, Ned 15.05.2008
Archived Files No cash for Ned 25.05.2008
Archived File The myth of Saint Ned 28.05.2008
Archived Files Ned Kelly site dig unearths historic treasures 30.05.2008
Archived Files 7500 treasures found at Ned Kelly site 30.05.2008
Archived Files Ned Kelly secrets unearthed 31.05.2008
Archived Files Kelly plan for piggery 21.07.2008
Archived Files It’s Ned Kelly — to the letter 30.07.2008
Archived Files Kelly boots 'burial clue' 24.08.2008
Archived Files They're Digging up Ned Kelly's Glenrowan 05.05.2008
Archived Files Dig starts at site of Ned Kelly's siege 05.05.2008
Archived Files Bullet pieces found at Ned Kelly siege site 06.05.2008
Archived Files Archaeologists unearth Glenrowan detonator 28.05.2008
Archived Files Others may have been wrongly hanged: Brumby 27.05.2008
Archived Files Kelly dig finds new artefacts 30.05.2008
Archived Files Sparks fly in Ned Kelly protest 18.06.2008
Archived Files Irish Ned Kelly monument planned 21.07.2008
Archived Files Arrest warrant paints new picture of Ned Kelly 12.09.2008
Archived Files Ghost of Kelly tumult in torrid tussle over fate of jail 03.11.2008
Archived Files Captivated by Ned Kelly 14.01.2009
Archived Files Kellys butter town's bread 31.03.2009
Archived Files Return Ned Kelly to his family: priest 05.05.2009
Archived Files Ned Kelly on list of Irish achievers 12.08.2009
Archived Files Bring me Ned Kelly's head 16.08.2009
Archived Files Baby can be called Metallica, but not Ned Kelly 20.09.2009
Archived Files Top Aussie cop takes aim at Ned Kelly 29.03.2010
Archived Files Republic shouldn’t rest in peace until the Queen does 26.04.2010
Archived Files Outlaw crosses border, back to where he belongs 01.05.2010
Archived Files Relic recalls Ned Kelly's last stand 29.05.2010
Help sought to identify Ned's head 20.06.2010
Tuck into Ned Kelly's Last Meal 30.09.2010
Nabbing Ned: it seems everyone had a cunning plan 24.10.2010
Ned Kelly riddle fans a Ripper yarn 31.12.2010
Ned Kelly: Australian Hero? 23.01.2011
Ned Kelly tattoos can shorten your life 17.06.2011
Legends of the VFA/VFL 19.06.2011
The Ned Kelly Project 08.11.2011
Not Just Ned 04.01.2012
Childhood sweetheart Ned's secret love 03.03.2012
Ned Kelly's family gets funeral go-ahead 02.10.2012
Radio and Television Transcripts
Archived Files Experts Split on Kelly history ABC Lateline 09.04.2001
Archived Files Ned Kelly’s Skull ABC Radio National 21.05.2002
Archived Files Digging for clues about Ned Kelly's last stand ABC Stateline 16.05.2008
Acrobat PDF Files
Archived Files 'Ned: the Exhibition' [Chapters One, Two and Three] Ian Jones 2002
Archived Files Estrays and Outlaws Vital Signs 01.12.2002
Archived Files The Kelly Connection AFL Record 11.04.2003
Archived Files 'Australian Son' [Chapters One and Two] Max Brown 2006
Archived Files Kelly Country Trojan Press 08.10.2006
Archived Files 'I was at the Kelly Round-Up' [Bracken Chapter]
Judith Douthie 2007
Archived Files 'Blood in the Dust' [Introduction and Handwriting Styles] A. N. Baron 2008
Archived Files A Man For All Times Steve McDonell 2009
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While not everyone wants to read about Ned Kelly or the ANZACs or even The Great Depression, we hope they want to learn something about Australian History. From the ex-Prime Minister John Howard to a confused ex-NSW Education Minister Carmel Tebbutt (see the ex-pattern here?) a number of politicians have jumped on the teaching history bandwagon. But at what cost? From Right Wing Liberals to the multitude of State Governments, seems everyone has an agenda. We'd like to let the readers decide what is worth learning. Here at we present the facts, the fiction and everything in between. It all adds to the experience and hopefully makes History an exciting place to be while also proving it needn't always have to be written by the victors.
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