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Ned Kelly was born in June 1855 to a proud Irish Catholic family whose resentment of the British set the precedent for his life. Washed deep with the convict stain, Ned’s destiny was cast in a defiant mold. The story of his short life was one that saw Ned and his gang take on corrupt police, greedy land barons and an ignorant government in a quest to change their world for the better. Wrongly accused, they survived a deadly shoot out with police in 1878 that resulted in Ned, his brother Dan, and their mates Joe Byrne and Steve Hart, being declared outlaws with the largest reward ever offered in the British Empire for their capture – dead or alive. Over the next eighteen months the Kelly Gang held up two country towns and robbed their banks, without firing a single shot; wrote numerous essays, including the famed Jerilderie Letter, explaining their actions; and became folk heroes to an emerging nation. Their grand plan to derail a special police train and declare a republic of North East Victoria came to a fiery end in Glenrowan when they donned their famous but cumbersome armour against an overwhelming police presence. By November 11, 1880 the era of the Kelly Gang drew to a close when Ned, after a brief trial, was hanged. Yet the legacy of his life and the chord he struck within a young country, unwilling to bend to injustice, saw Ned Kelly become Australia’s most enduring legend.
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What's New?With a web site this big you tend to lose track of what's going on, so in this section we will list all the updated stuff from the past few months:
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All The Latest Ned NewsIt wouldn't be far off the mark to claim that since the Kelly Gang rode over one hundred and thirty years ago a story relating to the exploits of Ned Kelly has graced a daily newspaper each week somewhere in the world. To help keep track on all the reports pertaining to our bearded bushranger we've started a Latest News page to alert our readers on latest goings on in and around Kelly Country.
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FACEBOOKHere at we thought it was high time we joined the social network scene, so we have decided to grab a bit of facebook action. To all you Kelly folk out there who may feel obliged to join in please do so and add your two cents worth, virtually speaking, seeing it's free to join – although facebook will probably collect your soul once you are dead, or maybe sooner...
Back to the FutureWith all this digging around what better way to bring back the virtual past than a visit to the Internet Archive WayBack Machine. Our site has impressions dating back to August 17, 2001. So if you're feeling a tad nostalgic but can't afford the time to whip up a flux-converter simply click the link below and relive the glory days. The Internet Archive was founded with the express aim to build an Internet library, with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format (like us).
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IRONOUTLAW.COM ON PINTEREST now has it's own feature board on which showcases a number of high resolution sepia images from our online archive, many of which also feature in our Ned Kelly: A Pictorial History iBook which is now available through the Apple iTunes Store.
FeedbackHave a question or opinion on Ned and the boys you would like to share with the rest of us? Then head over to our Feedback section where you can send in your thoughts or read through what's been said before. We also have a Feedback Vault with an archive of thousands of letters from the past ten years. There's enough words here to keep you busy for the next few months...
EldoradoBig Al is back for another episode of Keep Ya Powder Dry and this time he points his lead pencil towards Eldorado with a glowing report on the fascinating talk Paul O'Keefe delivered on Ettie Hart and Ned Kelly. Mr Crichton's dogged determination to deliver another scintillating transcript included his willingness to bang down a few bottles of red at the McEvoy Tavern and a dozen snags at the fundraising BBQ to help swell the CFA coffers. Make sure you check out his amazing penmanship by clicking on the link below!
[keep ya powder dry]
POETRYWe here at invite all those budding poets out there to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards) and send in your best pieces for our Poetry section. The poet area has taken on a life of its own with a number of scribes including Mollie Schollum adding their words on a regular basis. So, any more takers?
Australian Son by Max BrownNed was hanged in 1880. A lifetime later, with the world recovering from World War 2, Australian Son was written. Decades later, Max revised it but didn’t live to see this later version, which keeps the tradition alive. Tradition? Yes. The famous bushranger, from the poorest of poor families, has given rise to a persisting idea that the apparatus of justice may pursue the ends of injustice, and be meted out to those who, by their own sense of what’s right, deserve it least. The 312 page hardcover edition of Max Brown's masterpiece 'Australian Son: the story of Ned Kelly' is now on sale at $34.95 with FREE Australia wide delivery (+$14.95 international postage) for those wishing to lock in their own piece of history.
[australian son: the story of ned kelly]
THE LIFE AND TIMES OF NED KELLY Why did Ned Kelly live such a larger than life existence, one that has enthralled millions of people over this past century? Why didn't Ned just take what was dished up? Live a poor, honest, harsh life and die a broken man like thousands of other peasants throughout time? Well, if Ned did we would never have heard of him, nor spent countless hours debating his legacy. It's time to read the facts of his life and decide for yourself. But before you pass judgment, remember you should never impose twenty-first century sensibility onto harsh nineteenth century reality.
[about ned kelly]
Our home page featured video is Shawn Lidster's 'Ned Kelly' (available for purchase via cdbaby). Says Shawn, 'I have always been fascinated with Ned Kelly story. I wrote this song as a Tribute to him. This is an acoustic version of Ned Kelly I recorded here in Australia at Music Cellar with Jeff McCormack on bass.'
While not everyone wants to read about Ned Kelly or the ANZACs or even The Great Depression, we hope they want to learn something about Australian History. From the ex-Prime Minister John Howard to a confused ex-NSW Education Minister Carmel Tebbutt (see the ex-pattern here?) a number of politicians have jumped on the teaching history bandwagon. But at what cost? From Right Wing Liberals to the multitude of State Governments, seems everyone has an agenda. We'd like to let the readers decide what is worth learning. Here at we present the facts, the fiction and everything in between. It all adds to the experience and hopefully makes History an exciting place to be while also proving it needn't always have to be written by the victors.
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If you're looking for that perfect gift then head over to our shop where we are featuring Max Brown's 312 page hardcover limited edition novel Australian Son: the story of Ned Kelly for $34.95 with free Australia wide postage (or $14.95 international postage). All of Max's books come with a bonus Australian Son bookmark. These books are only available for purchase online (and not through book shops). Of course the money we raise goes back in to building the world's greatest Ned Kelly web site.

Australian Son by Max Brown

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