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Finding it difficult to locate a particular sound recording or video sequence relating to the Kelly Gang? Then we may have the answer for you. Listed below are a number of multimedia files utilised within the walls of IronOutlaw.com as well as content sourced from television, radio and the web. If you’re after Kelly ‘stuff’ on video then head over to our NedTube section which lists a truck load of moving images (and if we have missed something feel free to send us an email).

Ned: The Exhibition Launch - 2001

Ned: The Exhibition Dinner - 2001

The Glenrowan Affair - 1951

When The Kellys Were Out - 1923

The Story Of The Kelly Gang - 1906

Australian Son by Max Brown

Download: Chapter One Melbourne Town (PDF)

I was at the Kelly Gang Round-Up by Judith Douthie

Download: Introduction and Hugh Bracken chapter (PDF)

Ellen: a woman of spirit by Noelene Allen

Download: Introduction and chapters One, Two, and Three (PDF)

Ned: The Exhibition by Ian Jones

Download: Chapters One, Two, and Three (PDF)

Blood In The Dust by A.N. Baron

Download: Introduction and Handwriting Sample (PDF)