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We receive hundreds of emails each year and it is important to keep a record of our readers ideas and opinions. Our Feedback Archive enables their views to be listed forever (well, until we get shut down). You can access readers thoughts on the world of Ned Kelly since last century, in six month intervals, by clicking on the links above.

From: Gary Ziebell [] 17 Dec 08
Gday all it’s Gary Ziebell. I do the Ned Kelly Metal Art that you have kindly put on your site. Thanks for your support I have done some more pieces so hope I can send you some to update the site they are very interesting (I rekon). I get into a bit of poetry to so I thought I might send in a piece you may consider putting on the site or wiping the floor with! Any how thanks again and look forwards to hearing from you soon.

re. Joe Byrne?
From: Lisa [] 17 Dec 08
Hi Alan. :) No, I don't think so.

Historical sites
From: Craig Bratby [] 16 Dec 08
Hello again. I know I'm being a pain and I don't want to be seen as intrusive. The regulars here know who owns, or is a party that is responsible for, Kelly historical sites - I suppose it's obvious that I'm not aware of who they are. Can a coordinated approach be made to maintain and/or enhance these sites without having to bang on the doors of politicians for handouts? Maybe something already exists? Is anyone in a position to speak with the owners and find out if they're interested in having enthusiasts working to preserve the sites? It may be well established that's a no-go zone. I apologise if I'm treading on old ground. I'm just feeling a little frustrated that I can't do something practical. I'm aware of Merrill Findlay who's doing funded work in Forbes, NSW to tell Kate Kelly's story. It'd be great if efforts/resources could be coordinated somehow. Cheers. As most of the remaining 'Kelly' properties are privately owned, we have to respect the owner's wishes (until the Government forcibly purchases them, like they did the water pipe-line properties around Yea)

re. Joe Byrne?
From: Audrey Robertson [] 16 Dec 08
I think it's the same man, I agree with Lisa about the facial shape - the differences can be put down to the fact that one of these negatives is reversed - either that or Joe took time out from being on the run to have his parting moved to the other side of his hair. Also, doesn't Ian Jones say Joe's nose is broken in the post-mortem picture? As for him looking older than 20-odd in the studio portrait, I think we're not very used to seeing lads of this age with a moustache, short back and sides and a collar and tie. Well, not round these parts anyway.

Beveridge home
From: Craig Bratby [] 16 Dec 08
Hi all. I won't be able to make it to the January working bee at the Beveridge home with Conservation Volunteers Australia. However I have been in contact with them to see if the property owner would consider having me there to do some work later in the year. I'm planning to come down to Beechworth again in August and am thinking about setting a day or two aside at that time to make myself available to work at the Beveridge home - if I'm allowed. Conservation Volunteers Australia have replied saying the property owner wants to see how things pan out in January before committing to anything else. Maybe if there's others who would be available to join me around the Beechworth weekend we could convince the property owner that it's a worthwhile venture, and maybe Conservation Volunteers Australia would be prepared to oversee it? Am I being a little optimistic? Cheers. Maybe a little...

re. 2009 Beechworth Ned Kelly Weekend
From: Lola [] 15 Dec 08
Congratulations Noelene Allen.... Great to read you are the co-ordinator of this event. You I am sure with the help of the committee will do a wonderful job... Your passion for the story, and the search of truth, is appreciated. Lola (nee Lloyd)

re. Joe Byrne?
From: Alan Crichton [] 13 Dec 08
I was reading Lisa's comments on Joe Byrne's portrait and was just wondering if we've possibly met before?

2009 Beechworth Ned Kelly Weekend
From: Noelene Allen [] 13 Dec 08
Hi, 2009 Beechworth Ned Kelly Weekend will be held 7th to 9th August and with a new organising committee. The newly formed Beechworth Re enactment Group who many of you would have seen at the Euroa celebrations on 6th December will be organising the event with some assistance from Indigo Shire Council. I will be coordinating the event and our new committee have taken on board comments from the surveys that the previous organising committee distributed following 2008 event. The comments in the surveys focused on having interesting, historically accurate events that show respect to the Kelly story. featured as the top rating information point. Thanks to everyone for their support in the past and if you have a request for a particular inclusion for the 2009 programme please let me know - it is not too late. I am really excited about working with the new organising committe who have great passion for history and the Kelly story. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like more information on the 2009 Beechworth Ned Kelly Weekend. Best regards, Noelene Allen. Beechworth Historic & Cultural Precinct Co-ordinator.

re. Joe Byrne?
From: Lisa [] 12 Dec 08
Joe ByrneI think the posed photo of Joe and the one taken after Glenrowan look easily to be the same man. The whole shape of his face, the hairline, the light eyes, shape of his ears, etc. Also comparing the 2 photos full length, the shape of his legs and hands all look very much the same to me. I don't think he looks any older than 20 or 21 in the posed photo, he looks very young to me, easily only around that age I would think. I could be wrong of course and this is just my own opinion, but going by those photos and from physical descriptions of Joe, I believe it to be Joe :)

re. Joe Byrne?
From: Alan Crichton [] 12 Dec 08
I can't believe the resemblance between Stinger Nettleton's mug and Joe Byrne. It's bloody uncanny. He looks exactly like Joe – when he was dead. No, I think Joe had more of a glow...

re. Joe Byrne?
From: Peter Nettleton [] 11 Dec 08
Joe Byrne?I’m with Mr O’Keefe on this one. I’ve always doubted the authenticity of that posed photo, of which I believe the original plate is still with the photographer’s family in Beechworth. I reckon the photo of me at that age looks more like Joe – hey, maybe I’m a reincarnation :?

re. Joe Byrne?
From: Alan Crichton [] 09 Dec 08
I totally agree with Mr. O'Keefe. I've never believed it to be Joe. The bloke with the mo has outstanding ears and a different conk. I told the Burke Museum what I thought and they were a little surprised. I think they told me they were the ones who bought the photograph. It reminds me of the Gentleman Ned photo and the stuff up there. If that dapper bloke is Joe Byrne, then I'm John Holmes!

Joe Byrne?
Paul O’Keefe [] 09 Dec 08
Joe Byrne?Joe ByrneHi Brad, I have read Ian Jones A Short Life many times over the years. In the book it contains two photos of Joe Byrne. I think it’s a fantastic book even though myself, and many of my relatives, don’t agree with some of Ian’s theories/conclusions on many subjects contained in his book. Anyway, I have stared and stared at these two pictures for years and for the life of me can’t help but think are these the same bloke? The sepia photo of Joe looks much older than the 'dead' black and white photo of Joe (which was obviously taken years after the sepia photo). The black and white photo in my opinion looks like a bearded 23 year old which has a "boyish" look to it, where the sepia photo looks much older than a 20 or 21year old (which he would have been when the photo was taken, prior to the formation of the Kelly Gang). Most of the basic facial features look nothing like each other, especially the nose and the eye brows. Could the sepia photo have come from a Byrne family relative of Joe – if not his father, then an uncle or possibly a cousin?

re. Online Petition
From: Jonelle Matson [] 09 Dec 08
Hi! Here in WA there is an online petition that started two days ago on Facebook, due to the extremely lenient sentance given to a murderer. This petition has over 9,000 signature (or friends) in only three days. The media were informed of this. I wondered if it was worth doing the same thing to preserve Beechworth and Beveridge. Cheers, and Merry Christmas. I'm aiming to do a wider access petition but may incorporate a Facebook section as well

Online Petition
From: Craig Bratby [] 08 Dec 08
Hi all. I'm banging on about the same theme - saving Kelly historically significant sites. When my kids grow up I want them to be able to see, hear, smell and feel the history. Would there be enough interest in creating an online petition that would be sent to Peter Garrett and Heritage Victoria or whoever is best served? Here's an example of one that ANAM are currently running. They have over 11,000 signatures for their cause. If Ned's sympathisers gained 30,000 signatures when the population of Australia was around 2 million, surely with the assistance of technology we could hit 20 million. I'm happy to get the petition up and running (and not wanting to step on anyone's toes). But we need to construct a good argument. Anyone willing to write the text for the petition? What's coming up in the Kelly diary in the next year or so that we could invite the pollies to, for a photo op and a big cheque handover? What are the things to be saved? How much would it cost? Etc, etc. Is any group working offline seeking a similar outcome? Cheers. I'm drafting a petition as we speak and will announce it over the coming weeks (after the terminology is bedded down) so stay tuned...

The Jerilderie Concerto
From: Alan Crichton [] 03 Dec 08
Seems like there's no end to the amount of inspiration Ned passes on to others. The New York Times had a little piece mentioning his name. Looks like a Brisbane boy,Brett Dean, who also happens to be a composer, has won himself $200,000 for writing a concerto for some violinist bloke by the name of Frank Peter Zimmerman. His piece won him the prestigious Grawemeyer Award just recently. His inspiration for the piece came from none other than Brahms, Hugo Wolf, Van Gogh and that little Aussie larrikin Edward Kelly. The name of the concerto is; you guessed it; The Lost Art of Letter Writing. I can see the four boys now, sitting back at the Sydney Opera House in their tuxedos and taking in every blissful note. Except for the fact that some bugger picked up 200 grand for something they helped create, they were very pleased.

What happened with the beechworth gaol?
From: Sheralle Schubert [] 02 Dec 08
Hello Kelly sympathisers, exuse me for my ignorence but I read with great interest that 'something' has happened with the beechworth gaol. Please enlighten me. I feel the same way as everyone else about all kelly landmarks, the 2 standing chimnies at the Kelly homestead turning into just 1 chimny standing is an example. There will be nothing left soon if someone doesn't act. What can we do? Does anyone have any ideas? loby the government or something?

Secure Ned's home
From: Peter Nettleton [] 02 Dec 08
Maybe this website could act as co-ordinator for a petition to go to Federal Minister Peter Garrett? Surely this is an invaluable part of our national heritage - for some, dare I say, even a sacred site?

What can be done?
From: Craig Bratby [] 28 Nov 08
Hi all. Not wanting to push my luck, but I'm none the wiser as to what has or does exist that serves as a pragmatic voice for the Kelly cause. Being a recently re-enlightened Kelly supporter I have often winced at how much neglect has been shown towards, undoubtedly, one of our nation's most recognisable elements of identity. Surely something can be done to respectfully preserve significant landmarks for the generations of Kelly enthusiasts that will follow. Is there/was there a voice for the Kellys that got things done? Cheers. What we need is an insider like the contact that moron who got the Beechworth Gaol contract did. We need to do some underhanded dodgy deals and secure Ned's home once and for all. With the Government leaving the fate of Beveridge in the hands of it's struggling property owner it's a joke to think they will be able to not only come up with the funds needed to restore the homestead but do it in a way which preserves it's original purpose.

What's Happening Linton?
From: Alan Crichton [] 27 Nov 08
I read Craig's feedback and believe there's merit in what he suggested. The only problem is: what plan does the owner of this historic block of dirt have in mind for its future? The block I believe has been in the Brigg's family for fifty years, and after all this time, all we have is a block of land that is being used like a can of baked beans with a resealable lid. I know the land is heritage listed but I'm afraid dear punters that that means crap all. Have a look at what happened to the Beechworth Gaol. Don't you think after all this time something positive should be done to commemorate what took place there? After the police were killed at Stringybark, a monument was erected in the centre of Mansfield almost immediately. What about the innocent lives taken by the police on this ground at Glenrowan. So come on Linton, tell us your plans. Are you going to keep it like a resealable can of baked beans for the archaeologists and film makers to dip into every now and then, or do something of a more reverent nature. There are a lot of people out there waiting for an answer. But Baldric from 'Black Adder' was the host of that British doco film at Glenrowan this week! That's what excites me about the pile of dirt at the moment (unfortunately)...

Euroa Bank Robbery Re-Enactment
From: Michael Beattie (Nearly Ned) [] 26 Nov 08
G'day Brad, The Kelly Gang are coming back to Euroa to rob the bank again. Members of the newly formed 'Beechworth Historical Re-Eanactment Group' will be in full costume. It will be on the 6th December 2008 at 11.00 A.M. on the corner of Railway and Binney Streets Euroa. We will as closley as is possible re-create the illegal withdrawl of 2000 Pounds. Hope to see old and new faces in the crowd.

Old Ned
From: Doc Judd [] 24 Nov 08
Pity he is not alive today to shoot up Cnberra Oh I dunno, I quite like the War Memorial...

Whistle ManWhistle Man
From: Jennifer Ridden [] 24 Nov 08
I am the daughter of Brian Ridden, and I noticed Airi's inquiry on the list about Whistle Man. My dad was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic review on this site when it first came out, and would like to thank Brad. But I'm afraid Brad is entirely right, the book is long out of print - and worse, Lothian has since been swallowed up by Palgrave, who have dropped the Youth Fiction list entirely (which included dad's other 5 novels too). At that time my dad bought up the remainder of the warehouse stock and also bought back the rights, but he tells me that he does have a few copies of Whistle Man left. He is coming down to visit me in Melbourne for Christmas and will bring some copies with him. So if anyone would like to purchase a copy, then please do contact me off-list. Is there enough interest to make it worth publishing a second edition? His latest novel, Your Darling, Em (about Washington & Emily Roebling, the husband-wife team who built the Brooklyn Bridge) has been published by Trafford Publishing and they could also re-do Whistle Man. He'd welcome your views. Best wishes. Love that book. You can read the review in our Fiction section

the boys stood in the burning Inn, their pockets full of revolvers
From: Captain Jack Hoyle (retired) [] 23 Nov 08
Ahoy there Sympathisers, the Kelly saga is poetic and inspirational, as your recent Poetry section attests. But in all my years at sea, reading many works on the story of Ned and the boys, and reading all the surviving writings and recorded words of Ned Kelly, I have never read his poem, as quoted by Alan Chrichton at the end of his humourous musing " Better Read than Dead ". This a most remarkable find! Never before published, lost for 128 years and released on your esteemed site with little fanfare. Is it a previously lost page of the Cameron or Jerilderie Letters? Or written in reflection on the morning of his execution? If this poem is the work of the admirable A D Chricton, surely credit should be given where credit is due. To follow quotes from Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Mark Twain and even Winston is to give the quote that follows an air of legitimacy. With the popularity of your site, and its use as a resource by many throughout the world, it will not take long for these lines to gain an attribution as the work of the man himself. To put words in the mouth of Ned Kelly is no different to the strange jottings of Bill Bryson, or "Burnt to a Cinder" Poetic licence carries obligation so please correct the attribution - for history's sake. Ned Kelly was a gentleman, and his powerful words have their own poetry.

From: Craig Bratby [] 23 Nov 08
Hi all. Was just reading Alan's last post on 'Keep Ya Powder Dry' about the siege site being dug up and filmed again. Began to wonder if there's any person or institution that has/does collect donations for a fund of sorts that would go towards protecting Kelly sites of historical significance. Please accept my ignorance if this issue has been dealt with here in the past, and I'm quite happy to be told to pull my head in. Other than protesting to the relevant Government departments - what practical means has the little person have available to influence outcomes? I'm sure there's interest groups out there with their own agendas that could make it problematic for one entity to be responsible for collecting and distributing funds, and deciding on what the priorities would be. I'd donate to it. Maybe hundreds or thousands of others would t! oo. And maybe we could influence the likes of Linton Briggs in the way Alan suggests.

This Site
From: Roger M Brown [] 23 Nov 08
Very good coverage of the Life and Times and legends of Ned Kelly, lot of work gone into this site, very dedicated, good on you, may the Legend live on. Yes, I'd say about 2,000 hours of work, give ot take

re. Illegal still
From: Jonelle Matson [] 18 Nov 08
Hello again, the reason I asked what the Kelly boys were distilling is that my partner, who is into maritime archiology, came across several references to the Rum Rebellion in 1808 (also refered to as the Rum Puncheon Rebellion), which was the only successful armed takeover of government in Australian history. I wondered what influence, if any, this incident would have had to Ned Kelly. Thanks again! Not quite sure you'd call the 'Rum Rebellion' a success (actually, the dispute was based more on wine than rum, but doesn't sound as romantic). John Macarthur manipulated a weak-willed and greedy NSW Corps into doing his bidding, based largely on the fact that Governor Bligh refused a number of dodgy land grants Macarthur had tried to sneak past him on the back of the departing Governor King. Macarthur was a self-centred egomaniac who treated his fellow countrymen with disdain. How he ever made it onto the $2 note is a mystery to me...

Illegal still
From: Jonelle Matson [] 15 Nov 08
Hello. In several books it makes reference to Ned and Dan setting up an illegal still. I wondered what they intended on distilling? Also, my long suffering partner had the Ned Kelly poster put in a frame and it looks fantastic, so thanks again! Your website is fantastic and the poetry page was a great addition (although Keep your powder dry is normally one the first pages I now check!) Whiskey to sell to raise money to getn their mother out of gaol...

New Ned CD
From: Craig Bratby [] 13 Nov 08

Hi All. Aussie Post delivered me another treat yesterday. Daryl J Melbourne has just made available the first instalment of his 'The Kelly Gang' CD series (3 in all). There's only five tracks on it, but I already have a great affection for two of them - the first and last track. Artists include Mark Gable (Choirboys), Dave Gleeson and Izzy Osmanovic (Screaming Jets), Shane Teinaki, and Doc Neeson (The Angles). The first track 'Running Wild' is bound for commercial airplay I reckon, while the last track 'Killing Time' is really growing on me. It's Joe's interpretation of Ned's thoughts at the time. Lyrics: "Hiding up here in the rocks and the trees I wonder what's going on - haven't had a word from home in days. Ned's sittin' on his own again, he! 's staring up at the stars - this must be hard for a proud man like him. To have to hide really brings him down, but I know that it won't be long - he's got something going on in his head... (chorus) But he says that we're just killing time. Yet I know he's got something else on his mind. You can see it in his eyes when the night is still. I don't think it's just time that we're gunna kill". Thanks so much, Brad, for putting a Poetry page together. I'm motivated now to get something in there. RIP Ned 11/11/1880. That CD was a long time in the making. Ben Collins did a piece in it years ago!

Still A Staunch Fan
From: Les Elmer [] 12 Nov 08
Hi There. Nearly 7 years since I first found your wonderful site and posted my thoughts re 'our' Ned, away back on 22nd Jan 2001. As others have also said your site is still absolutely exceptional in both style and substance, and most importanly still the most fascinating reading and dialgoue on 'our' Ned. Having re-read your 2001 email I see we are still all waiting on the rescue of Red's house in Beveridge. Seems nothing much changes after all...

128 years and the new poetry section
From: Airi [] 12 Nov 08
I was honoured to do a Kelly tour at The State Library yesterday on the anniversary of Ned's execution, and I had a most appreciative audience. Really there are a lot of people out there who are keen to learn more about what happened 128 years ago. The comment I hear most often is "I had no idea all that went on", and the best compliment I have received so far was from a lady who said I had made a Kelly sympathiser out of her. Thank you Brad for the new Poetry section, I think it's a great addition to the site and what an appropriate day to launch it! Well done Alan for getting the ball rolling with your tribute to Ellen Kelly. She must have been an incredible woman, to go through all that she did and not give up. I have been privileged to read Mollie's Kelly poetry before, and I hope it reaches more people here. She has an incredible talent to let Ned and the others speak through her words in a way that goes straight into your heart. Have a read even if you're not normally 'into' poetry and see what I mean!

128 years today
From: Rachael Todd [] 12 Nov 08
From the Uk. Done my 2 minutes silence today for our brave soldiers , will do the same for Ned at 8.00pm...Both fighting (in different ways ) for freedom. Two minutes! Most people are lucky to spare the mandatory one...

128 years ago today...
From: Peter Nettleton [] 11 Nov 08 Australian with great leadership qualities and potential was violently put to death by a brutal dictatorial government. What did we learn from this?

Whistle Man
From: Airi [] 10 Nov 08
Does anyone know where I could get a copy of Brian Ridden's Whistle Man? I have managed to read it as my daughter brought home a copy from her school library, but I would really like to have a copy of this excellent book for my Kelly collection. I have searched all over on the net and asked in bookshops but to no avail so far. Any helpful hints appreciated! I loved that book. It's featured in our Fiction section and I gave it 5 Neddies. You'll have to keep an eye out at second hand book stores as it's no longer in print

Ned Kelly in Hong Kong!
From: Sheralle Schubert [] 06 Nov 08
I have just returned from a trip to Hong Kong and could not believe that I found a place in Kowloon called 'Ned Kelly's Last Stand'. I discovered it on the tourist map I was given at the Hotel. So had to check it out. It turned out to be a pub (owned by Chinese and not Australians as I would have hoped for) That serves Ozzy foods all named after our beloved Ned Kelly! Outside, I have got to admit seeing the name 'Ned Kelly' looked very strange among all the chinese signs advertising other shops. As I walked in the enterance there is Ned's prison photo the day before he was executed looking at you from the wall and a replica Helmet and inside was lots of photos from the Kelly outbreak. I did'nt end up having a meal there because although Hong Kong is pretty cheap to us ozzies, the prices were certainly not from the 1880,! s! Lovely to see something about Ned in another country but could not help feeling they were exploiting 'our' Ned Kelly. I wonder what Ned would think! I went there in 2001. Nice and tacky!

From: Lisa [] 06 Nov 08
Hi Brad,I just wanted to say thanks very much for the beautiful Ned t shirt & the latest edition of Blood In The Dust.I love that book,it's one of my all time favourite Kelly Gang books & I look forward to reading this new edition.Thanks so much for the great extras you kindly added too,the IronOutlaw merchandise is always really wonderful.Best wishes! :) Yes, I'm very happy with the new tee-shirts and I'm glad you are too!

Euroa Re-enactment
From: Dorothy [] 05 Nov 08
Hi Brad, Just letting all Kelly enthusiasts know about the Euroa re-enactment on 6 December at 11am. I have mentioned it to a few, but no one seems to have heard about it. For all Kelly enthusiasts the re-enactment is being played out by Kelly enthusiasts (including Michael Beattie) from Beechworth and Euroa. Ned and the boys took $2000 from the safe of the National Bank.

Ned Kelly The Jerilderie Letter
From: Peter Gavin [] 04 Nov 08
Peter Finlay is performing his theatrical performance at the Celtic Club Melbourne on Saturday 8 November and on the anniversary of Ned's hanging on Tuesday 11 November at 8pm. The cost is only $20. More details at

From: Animal [] 02 Nov 08
Can anyone tell me where to get a selection of tattoo designs on ned on the web without paying the money for sfa in anything of quality

re. Ned and his descendents
From: Lola Rowe nee Lloyd [] 28 Oct 08
Helen, I am interested to hear from which side of the family you are related, as there are 100's of cousins, coming up to the 5th. generation now from Ned and the boys.

From: Kiqarni [] 27 Oct 08
I just want to no wat did ned kelly do with his family and did hi have a brother or a sister i want to no plz get back LOL

Ned and his descendents
From: Helen Reynolds [] 21 Oct 08
Hello I am interested to here from anyone claiming to be a descendent of Ned or Dan Kelly or Steve Hart. There are people who seem to think Dan and Steve excaped the night of the seige and Ned's capture. I am interested in any information on the Kelly gang as I am a descendent of Ned's cousin. What fire?

Ned's Fictional Hero
From: Donna Grant [] 21 Oct 08
G'day. I've just been visiting your site about Ned and the Kelly gang and I have a question for you. I learned many years ago, that Ned Kelly had a fictional hero. Was that hero King Arthur (and his knights?)..thus being inspired he designed the armour? Kelly was well-read wasn't he? He was an intellectual of his life and times? There was a book called 'Lorna Doone' which a number of historians have pointed to as inspirtaion for Ned's armour idea

re: What can you see?
From: Mick Fitzsimons [] 19 Oct 08
Good to see you haven't lost your sense of humour Alan (not like some I could mention), I got a good laugh out of that. Isn't it funny how a topic that doesn't fit in with a certain person's perspective is old soggy ground. Some would say (like that darling of the Labor Party, our Police Commissioner, Christine Nixon), that the whole subject is 'old soggy ground' about a notorious cop killer, who got what he deserved. Thankfully, some of us beg to differ, have different opinions and do not follow blindly the mistakes that others have been made in the past. Having read Alan Crichton's piece on Ned's birth date, I would have to agree with him. The book, 'The Bushranger', by William Joy and Tom Prior, published in 1963, gives Ned's birth date as June, 1855. The first half of the book is by William Joy and covers many early bushrangers throughout the land. The second half by Tom Prior is devoted to the Kelly story. Prior's research included traveling to every town in the story and interviewing over 600 people, including relatives of the Kelly gang and their victims. Also, Aaron Sherritt was I believe, said to be a year older than Ned and he was born in 1854. Ned's police sheet says Ned was born in 1856 (different year again). It's quite possible it could be a year out, but doubtful it would miss by two years. Keep up the good work and laughs coming Alan. In Max's 1948 paper's on Australian Son he wrote June 1855. Max's word is good enough for me... I never said I'd can new ideas on the accent debate, just dissuade talk that doesn't offer anything new. Maybe we could set up a site called and fill it up with' old soggy ground'. I'm sure the punters would flock to it!

Nicky's Website
From: Lisa [] 18 Oct 08
Hi, I just wondered if anyone knew why Nicky Cowie's terrific website Ned Kelly Bushranger,stopped being updated? Along with Iron Outlaw of course,I think it was easily one of the very best Kelly Gang pages. It's a shame it's not updated anymore. I guess Nicky decided to concentrate on breeding instead of Ned. But the beauty of writing about history is that it's hard to date, so you can still use as a reference

re: What can you see?
From: Lisa [] 17 Oct 08
That's very interesting regarding Ned's accent.I like how John Jarrett did his accent in The Last Outlaw.He didn't seem to do the full on Irish brogue too much,it sounded pretty much Australian,with the lovely Irish accent just throughout it a little & accented more on particular words etc,he did it very good. But what would we give to have heard Ned,Joe,Dan & Steve's voices,I bet they all sounded really great. :) This 'discussion' is old soggy ground people. It's all been said before and you can read it for yourself here at Ned Kelly - Irish or Australian Accent?

Blame it on Mick
From: Alan Crichton [] 17 Oct 08
When I read in the feedback that our Ned spoke with an Aussie accent and not Irish I was devastated. All these years I’ve been reading the Jerilderie letter with an Irish accent. I tried reading it with an Australian accent but it just didn’t work for me. Some how it just didn’t seem the same. Feeling rather down that night I showered and slipped into my black silken but sheer phantom embossed pyjamas and retired for the night. It was but seconds when I drifted into sleep. Before I knew it, and for some unknown reason I found myself in the Kelly household.

Ned came from the kitchen in a shocker of a mood. “Okay, who the flamin hell knocked off the last of the Weet-Bix. If it was you Danny, you drongo, ya gunna cop it sweet.
His mother Ellen came rushing in. ‘Ned me darlin boy, sattle ye self down. Ye’ll be wakin the wee babes.’
Ned turned to his mother. ‘Whadya say mum? I can’t understand a bloody word ya sayin. How come ya got that funny accent?’
Ellen shook her head. ‘Ha, ye’ll be the dif o me yet Neddy. Be o wi ye boy.’
Mum I’m nippin down the pub. O’Brien’s selling beer now in tinnies so I’m gunna grab a slab or two. What’s on fa lunch?
Ellen replied; ‘Praties ‘n’ bif me darlin boy.’
‘Not bloody spuds and steak again. What say I pick up some snags an a few prawns an we’ll chuck em on the Barbie? Struth, I can’t go to the pub looking like this; I’ll have no chance of crackin onto a Sheila.’ Ned quickly dressed himself in his light coloured pants, cabbage tree hat with red veil and lace up boots. Ned had a gander in the mirror and liked what he saw. ‘Who’s a pretty boy then? Just wait till the sheilas get a squiz at this.’
Ned rushed out the door with Ellen in pursuit. ‘Neddy me darlin boy, don’t ye be goin ta fast on ya new horse wi twin saddle bags, and don’t be doin hoof stands dain the main street wi that tirrable Greta Mob.’
‘Struth mum, haven’t ya heard, were not the Greta Mob any more, we’ve changed our name to the Beechworth Bodgies. You’ve gotta get with the flow. By the way mum, I’m inviting Mick Fitzsimons back for the Barbie so’s he can teach ya how at talk proper, you know, just like me and Chips Rafferty.’ If it wasn’t for him I’d be talkin jus like you. We don’t want people thinking I spoke with an Irish accent when I’m famous, do we? See ya.’

YES WE DO NED! YES WE DO! I was awoken by my own screaming. My black silken but sheer Phantom pyjamas were soaked in perspiration. If it wasn’t for that bloody Mick Fitzsimons Ned would have kept his Irish accent. Thanks a lot Mick, now the Jerilderie Letter will never sound the same again. Oh well...!

re: What can you see?
From: Mick Fitzsimons [] 15 Oct 08
Faith, I’d be interested in seeing the article in the newspaper you mentioned about Ned speaking with a “new Australian accent”. This in fact is correct, according to language experts and contemporary writings from the earliest days of settlement in Australia. The local born product, was easily distinguishable from newcomers by the way they spoke, untainted from other accents and dialects, being a mixture and quoted as being a ‘purer’ type of English. The notion that Ned had an Irish brogue and that all the police had English accents is absurd. People will quote that Ned grew up surrounded only by Irish accents and this is incorrect and ignorant of migration patterns, especially during the gold rush period. Victoria’s population tripled in the first three years after gold was first discovered in 1851, which by the way was at Anderson’s Creek (now Warrandyte), not Ballarat as most people think. There is a section in the ‘Great Debate’, that covers this topic, both for and against. You will need to start at the bottom and work your way up, as each e-mail was added. It is a national shame that Ned and others that were born here, are not portrayed with Australian accents. P.S. Brad, how did you know I would respond to this topic.........? Call me psychotic, I mean psychic...

Ned Kelly
From: Leashy [] 15 Oct 08
heyy.. i believe Ned Kelly was absolutely innocent,, he was a good man, and i belive he did what he thought was best for his family, anyone would have done or felt the same way and he shouldnt have faced death for fighting for his mother's innocence. that is completely wrong, and the petition should have been good enough to save him. im sorry to whoever this may offend but yeah.. the police should have known better. They started it anyway. Not wanting to seem bias I did ask Christine Nixon for a comment. Unfortunately as she'd just stuffed her mouth full of donuts I couldn't understand her reply...

What can you see?
From: Faith Eden [] 10 Oct 08
I'm hoping you no the picture i'm about to mention... its a picture that has showed up in alot of books i have about the Kelly Gang and for a while i didn't take much notice but since i got my new books (thank you, thank you, thank you ) it has got me thinking the picture was taken by a traveling photographer and its of three men on horses and after being taken it appeared on postcards, first time round they had got the names of the men wrong so in this new book of mine your told that the men are actually Wild Wright. Ned Kelly and Steve Hart ...Now here's what i want to no do you work that out?? i can not make out those faces at all should i put it down to bad vision ? i really can not work out how these people can name these men if they can not be seen clearly in this picture? please find this picture look at it and you tell me what you see :) Don't ask me! Ian Jones was the one that worked out who the three fellas on the horses were...

Hey also i got the news paper on Saturday it had a story in it about how Ned would have spoken with the "new Australian accent" they tell you where it came from and how they worked it out the story its self is interesting but has very little to do with Ned Kelly after the first paragraph I believe they were just trying to fill in the empty spaces but then again you throw in the name Ned Kelly on the front of a news paper and its bound to turn heads. I'm sure a certain Ironoutlaw reader with the initials M.F. will have something to say about this...

Kelly Hut
From: Sherallee Schubert [] 06 Oct 08
The remains of the Kelly hut at Greta, are they from the original hut or from the hut Ned help build just before the Fitzpatrick incident? Are there any remains from the other hut? Also does anyone have any theries as to how and why George King disappeared? I feel he thought things were getting 'out of hand' in the Kelly camp and left prefering to leave his wife and three children to fend for themselves. Any coments on above would be appretiated. I love this web site. Would love to hear anything new on Ned!

Such Is Life! A musical based on the life of Ned Kelly
From: Angela Hennel [] 01 Oct 08
A New Australian Ned Kelly Musical “Such Is Life!” in concert in Greensborough Saturday, October 4th, 2008 commencing 8.00 pm Sunday, October 5th 2008 commencing 2.00 pm Living Faith Church, 37 Grimshaw St., Greensborough (Melway Ref. 20 K2) A rare chance has arisen to see the premier metropolitan concert performance of a dramatic new Australian musical. Such Is Life! is presented by Diamond Valley Singers and an enthusiastic cast in theatrical concert form, led with aplomb by Musical Director Graham Ford and adept director Lynne Counsel. Hurstbridge resident Alan Flint’s story and lyrics in Such Is Life! tell the tale of one of Australia’s most famous bushrangers and most loved sons, Ned Kelly, from many perspectives. The 27 songs set to music by John Bumford cover the stories of Ned, Kate Lloyd, his family, the poor farming selectors of North East Victoria, colonial society, the police and of the Kelly Gang itself. The musical sharply defines the sacrifices all faced in their ultimate conflict. Alan says “The story told in the lyrics is one of incredible loyalty, romance and bravery, and humour in the face of hardship. The musical is based on the actual history of early settlement in Victoria, especially the class struggle between the poor farming selectors and the wealthy squatters that led Ned and his friends to become revolutionaries and bushrangers. “ According to director, Lynne Counsel, “The use of narrators in this concert version helps people learn more of the incredible drama that took place virtually in our own backyard. You could call it a musical docu-drama. It is very exciting and emotionally moving.” Graham Ford added “We have been fortunate to have the talents of John Bumford in composing the show’s music. With elements of some traditional tunes, these were specifically composed to match the words. John’s music ranges from the uproarious slapstick to soaring romantic tunes, wistful laments, bush ballads and dramatic four part harmonies, and perfectly suits the lyrics.” DVS donates the majority of its profits to charity and has donated over $80,000.00 to charity since its formation. Bookings can be made by calling Jennie on 94592804 or email Tickets available at the door, $15 full, $10 concession. There will be a third performance on Sunday, October 12th, 2008 commencing at 2.00 pm at the Western Heights Uniting Church, Geelong. I also have a flyer available as a jpeg if anyone is interested. Would love to go but I tend to burst into flames when I step on hallow ground...

Photos from Forbes
From: Craig Bratby [] 28 Sep 08
Hi all. Have just returned from a visit to Central West NSW. On the way home we dropped into Forbes - where Kate Kelly spent her last years. I've put some photos of interest online and updated the previous ones I had there with higher resolution images. Have a squiz here:

re. The Top-End Connection
From: Lola Rowe nee Lloyd [] 27 Sep 08
Yes- Peter, Wild Wright (Isaiah) went droving in N.T. and died at Newcastle Waters, in 1911. his wife Bridget (Lloyd) died 10 yrs. after they married they had one son John Thomas... he was approx. 6 yrs. when she died....

Bob Chitty as Ned
From: Denis Bourke [] 26 Sep 08
I lived in Benalla as a child 1942-1949---James Kelly was still alive and came into town. The film made with the great Carlton footballer Bob Chitty as Ned was premiered in Benalla .I recall my father describing the great dramatic scene when Chitty as Ned staggered from the Glenrowan Hotel ---at that moment a wag shouted "You can see him stagger any night outside the Commercial " From what Dad said the drama never quite recovered.

Interesting fact?
From: David [] 19 Sep 08
I have not seen this written anywhere yet (thats not to say it isn't) but I have another interesting fact regarding WW1 and the Kelly's. The 11th November the date of Ned's execution and Armistice Day being one. Kate had a son, Frederick Arthur Foster. He was killed in action in Lagnicourt, France in WW1. The date he was killed is listed as the 15 April (1917), the exact same date (but in 1878) that Fitzpatrick came up with his cock and bull story about being assulted and shot at the Kelly's Interesting huh?

The true story of the Kelly gang of bushrangers
From: Mark Sweet [] 12 Sep 08
Hi there. I have a book on the Kelly gang of bushrangers. book title is ‘the true story of the Kelly gang of bushrangers’ printed 1907 author was C.H Chomley and he claims to be the brother in-law of the superintendant of police at the time of kellys arrest . I tried once to see if any state library had a copy but didn’t get to far , if you would like I can take a picture of the front cover to email you. I use to work for the company that printed that book. They had numerous copies in a glass case in their foyer. Should've 'borrowed' one when I had the chance...

The Top-End Connection
From: Peter (Stinger) Nettleton [] 09 Sep 08
I'm at present in Kununurra WA (on the Ord River, not far from Wyndham and the NT Border) and absorbing a bit of local history. I believe that various members of the Byrne clan (cousins of Joe) were among the pioneering 'Overlanders' who settled the Kimberley region and started the now very prosperous cattle industry up here in the 1890s. I also understand that Isaiah (Wild) Wright (Ned's sparring partner and staunch ally) left the Kelly Country after Glenrowan and went droving in the Northern Territory. Does anyone know any more about where he ended up?

From: Daniel Pearson [] 06 Sep 08
Springheel JackJust wanted to let you know, if you are interested, the new Batman RIP series comic book has a character who resembles Ned Kelly. His helmet has bolts in the same place as Ned's, he has a long coat, revolver etc. They haven't named him, but last edition he was singing Waltzing Matilda...?? Just in case you are interested. Yep, you're spot on Daniel. I've been trying to get the set from this series as it ROCKS. Turns out the Ned character is a naughty boy by the name of Springheeled Jack (see image right), an armor clad mad bomber responsible for murdering the first Knight by making him ingest a bomb. He is a member of the Club of Villains (but then again, aren't we all?)

Great Site
From: Georgie Stones [] 01 Sep 08
This is a really good site it gave me all of the info i was looking for my school work haha thanks. smile =)

Thank you for the kind remarks about my talk at Beechworth
From: Graham Fricke [] 01 Sep 08
The latest version of your web site refers to pigeons crapping on the statue of Sir Redmond Barry outside the State Library. That doesn’t happen any more. Some years ago the trustees placed vertical spikes on the head, to stop this happening. As I said at Beechworth, one of the worst features of the Kelly trial was Barry’s acceptance of the Crown’s application to transfer the trial from Beechworth to Melbourne. I have mentioned in my book that in 1870, ten years before the Kelly trial, Barry had criticised the practice of transferring trials that had not been reached on circuit to Melbourne. The result, according to Barry, was that the accused would be ‘called upon to defend himself before a jury unknown to him, unacquainted therefore with the causes of challenge which may exist unknown himself to those who comprise the tribunal before which he is arraigned, without witnesses to his innocence or to his character most probably without means of conveying either to the new or remote place of trial though both might have been attainable at the place to which he was originally committed.’ It seems that Barry was prepared to change his mind when one of the Kelly gang was involved. Graham, the birds still take a flying dump on old Redmond every now and then. They might not crap on his head anymore but his amble gut and huge ass makes for a very tempting avian target

Good Site
From: Lisa Stones [] 01 Sep 08
This is a really good site it gave me all of the info i was looking for. Keep it up thanks =)

A Questiion
From: Michele Eve [] 28 Aug 08
Ok so hoping not to get shot down in flames here, but I have some questions, so I hope you will forgive my ignorance.I certianly mean no offence- am just interested. When I was in Benalla earlier this year I had a quiet moment or two, and one of those I spent in the museum reading the files of papers they have. Perched up on a little stool wasn't the most comfy but perhaps one of the most intriguing afternoons I spent. I scoured the arrest sheets and the statements identifying Joe's body, inluding that by McIntyre, scowled a number of them but then turned my focus to the Research folder. In it there are a number of letters by a bloke called Jack D Thomas saying that he is researching a book about principally Joe and Steve but that he is coming up against brick walls. I didn't write down the date of them, would never make a detective, but they talked about a 'wall of silence for 80 years'. At that stage I gathered there was no grave at Benalla (as an aside -who paid for it and when was it put there? pre 1988 sometime) He talks about the 'Chiltern Connection' about many women and some children connected to Joe Byrne, and that he has spoken to at least one of them. I am wondering who he was...there is no sign of a book as far as I can see, but if he was 'no one' why his letters are in the museum, why they might be given significance and kept there? Any ideas?

2008 Beechworth Ned Kelly Weekend
From: Noelene Allen [] 26 Aug  08
The Beechworth Ned Kelly Weekend was again a success and I would like to thank all those who visited Beechworth on a very cold weekend to enjoy the events that we had organised. Many thanks to Brad Webb, his talk on the Emergence of Technology was very informative and entertaining, I was loathe to stop him when the clock reach finish time. Our other guest speaker Graham Fricke shed a different perspective on Sir Redmond Barry and was enjoyed by many of our visitors.The other events on the programme were all well attended and I look forward each year to catching up with all the friends I have made since the first NKW in 2003. Please send me any suggestions for next year's programme, I am always looking for ideas to improve our programme. Thanks once again for your support.

Harry Power
From: Peter Nettleton [] 22Aug 08
Click on me to enlargeClick on me to enlargeG’day from WA. On my recent visit to Beechworth, I came across something in particular that I hadn’t known before. I consider myself a bit of a ‘Harry Power’ buff and have done quite a bit of research on himself in the course of writing my one-man show “Harry Power and the Boy Bushranger” (see first accompanying photo [left, click on to enlarge] – I grew the beard especially!). I know all about his triumphant last ride into Beechworth, his appearance in the iconic courthouse and his subsequent incarceration for 15 years. What I didn’t know was that, rather than having been lodged in the ‘cooler’ behind the courthouse, he actually had a cell specially prepared for him across the road, under the Town Hall (see second accompanying photo [right, click on to enlarge] – thanks Jennifer). It is not exactly VIP digs – more like a bullpen in Pamplona – but I am led to believe that it was the ‘star dressing-room’ before the final show given by Ned’s notorious tutor in Beechworth Court on 2nd August 1870. At least, that is what the sign outside proclaims. Interestingly, it has a spiral staircase leading up from it into the council chamber. I wonder if old Harry might have used this to make an unscheduled appearance before the civic fathers – mayhap to complain about the state of the roads?! Cheers.

Book Query
From: David [] 18 Aug 08
Hi I have had for a while now a book called The Kelly Hunters by Frank Clune - it says in the book section that a hardcover copy is worth a penny - the only date it has on it is that it was first published in 1954 - it is hardcover though the dust cover is a bit ordinary - the book itself is perfect - not that I want to sell it but now I am curious and even more curious seeing as its been signed by Frank Clune - any ideas on a roundabout valuation?? Signed it should be worth around $100 to $150 if it's in good nick

Ned Kelly Festivals
From: Pete Greenaway [] 18 Aug 08
Good afternoon, I'm just wondering if there are still annual "Ned Kelly Festivals" regularly held anywhere? Different sources suggest Glenrowan, Jerilderie and Euroa each has their own festival, but is there a "definitive" one? Or failing that, do you know which one is the biggest? I think there was something at Beechworth a few weeks back but I might be wrong...

From: Lawrence Scariano MD [] 18 Aug 08
The kids and I have been writing a fiction adventure novel and we just completed (just entering the publishing process) a short story teaser for the big book. This short story features Ned Kelly. Thought you might be interested in it. I wouldn't mind getting some feedback on my use of australian/irish slang. Its only about 50 ms-word doc pages long. Interested in taking a peak? (has a happier ending than the real account, of course). Sounds like it could be just 'what the doctor ordered'. So send it in!

Police Question
From: Kathryn [] 14 Aug 08
Hello, I am wondering if you are able to tell me the names of all the police around the local area at the time of Ned Kelly's arrest. According to family stories, my great grand father was 'left behind at the station ' when they went to arrest Ned. His name was Robert Coveny. Love your site and thank you for all your work with Australian history. All the names! Help!

Widow's Son
From: Troy Calhoun [] 12 Aug 08
Hello, I just bought a book called Widows Son on Ebay, and wondered if you have seen this? It is extremely unaccurate, and just wanted to warn those who were considering buying it from wasting their time. The author states that the reason for killing the police at Stringy Bark was that the Kellys were protecting a still, Curnow was encouraged by Ned to stop the train (a secret conspirator?) to allow him to claim the reward. Sounds all true to me, were there any Jedi and lightsabres in the story?

Ned Kelly Book
From : Mark Baker [] 08 Aug 08
Gday Brad Attended the Talk at the Beechworth Courthouse on this years Ned Kelly Festival, very interesting talk, also good to see some of the descendants getting involved. Anyway i came across a Ned Kelly Book on Ebay that i had never seen before, it was purely called (KELLY). It was published in Great Britain in 1964, by the Author Eric Lambert. I purchased it and read most of it, but every section of the Kelly saga was either made up or fictionalised. The book was full of lies. For example the Author wrote, that Ellen Kelly was all alone at her house, and Alexander Fitzpatrick firstly sexually assaulted her, and than attepted to rape her when he went to the Kelly house drunk, and Ned came home and intimidated him, and Fitzpatrick fled. Another example is that Ned had saved a Man from Hughes Creek not a boy. Also there was a section that said EVIDENCE from THOMAS McINTYRE. The date of Stringybark Creek deaths of the three police was in October 1878, this book purely states that the Stringybark Creek battle happend in July 1878. This book is full of lies, i couldnt get over it. I couldnt even finish reading the book, because i know the kelly story well, and this book i wanted to burn. This Author does not know the story and should never had been published. Brad do you know of this book, if so can you tell me why it even got written the way it did. Is still have the book, but refuse to put in my collection. As I said in my talk at Beechworth, '...Anyone can set up a site or a blog, send through a chain email or post a video without ever having to back up their claims. Coupled with the rise of digital based publishing and you have a whole media outlet full of conjecture and unsubstantiated truths. Ridiculous tales like Dan Kelly escaping the shootout at Glenrowan and making his way to Queensland are a case in point. The rumour manifested itself into a book with the classy title 'Burnt to a Cinder was I?' Yet, thanks to the World Wide Web, sites like and quite happily managed to shoot these nut-bag theorists down in flames...'

And yes, 'Kelly' is listed in our Fiction section, which will offer you a massive hint as to how serious you should take the presented 'facts'. I actually love my copy as it came from my Grand Father's collection. After his stint in the AIF during World War 2 he worked as an officer at Pentridge Prison (and yes, he was stationed at Coburg on the day Ronald Ryans' escape). The book is stamped on a number of pages with 'Passed by X Security' and include a number of cut-out words, that I gather were not intended for prisoners prying eyes!

Kelly Holiday
From: Craig Bratby [] 08 Aug 08
Hi all, My family have just returned from our 'Kelly Country' holiday. It was going to be a Beechworth holiday but we decided to go a little further. We visited Jerilderie to Melbourne (we're NSWelshmen) and almost everywhere in between. I've put a selection of photos from the trip online for those that haven\'t been, or haven't been for a while: I'd also like to congratulate the people involved in the Beechworth festivities. We had a great time immersing ourselves in the excitement and my kids were thrilled to follow 'Ned' to the Courthouse on Saturday morning . One idea I'd like to float though is that the organisers might consider putting some activities together that are 'kid friendly'. I wanted to see a couple of the presentations and re-enactments, but my kids (8 and 6 years) couldn't sit still for two hours. But maybe that\'s just my kids! I snuck out while they and my wife were asleep on Saturday night and saw Ashley's gig - wasn't that great! I'm not sure what a 'kid friendly' activity might be, but I reckon there needs to be a bit more of a focus on attracting the younger generations to these festivals - after all, it's them that we need to carry the story. All the people who organised, presented and participated in the weekend deserve a huge round of applause and a pat on the back for a job well done. Best for now. They could always open up the police cells for a bit of 19th century-style day care...

Ned Kelly & Dr. Barnardo
From: Michael Smith [] 06 Aug 08
'... and in the dairy the youth morosely reading old magazines with pictures of windmills and cottages. A Barnardo boy stranded in kauri country who later hanged himself. I am a 73-year old Barnardo Boy'. The above lines come from "Kauri", a poem by Elizabeth Riddell. The line, and the country, haunt me. I want to paint a scene that features the ghost of Nolan's Kelly riding with Dr Barnardo in Kelly country. An Irish policeman, (Lonergan's ghost?) hides in a bush. I have long been curious about the role of the Irish Police in the Kelly affair. I am eager to learn more about the Judge who sentenced Kelly. I understand the judge died only twelve days after Ned. I want the Judge in the painting. Your site is 'bloody marvellous' as the Pommy gardener might say. Check our Real Villains section for starters

re. Post Beechworth 2008
From: Airi [] 06 Aug 08
I totally agree with you Peter. This was my first Kelly weekend but definitely not the last! Thank you to everyone involved in organising it, was an honour and a privilege to attend. Was great to finally meet you Brad; look forward to seeing you at The State Library one Tuesday morning... Will e-mail you my 'How did a Finnish girl end up as a Kelly tour guide' story soon! Count on it!

Post Beechworth 2008
From: Peter (Stinger) Nettleton [] 05 Aug 08
I would like to congratulate Noelene Allen and her team on a well-run and most interesting Kelly weekend just ended in Beechworth. It was really great to meet so many clever historians and writers, to see such excellent performances and to explore some fascinating sites, as well as simply to rub shoulders with so many like-minded punters. I came away with (among other things) a deeper understanding of the dilemma of those who are descended from the Kelly family and friends, some of whom while they cannot have actual knowledge of the events of 130 years ago, can certainly claim to have heard first-hand accounts from those who did. On the one hand, events like this are an opportunity to 'set the record straight', while on the other, they may have a tendency to 'carnivalise' an essentially tragic family history. I suppose it behoves all of us to have due respect for that. Thank you and well done all.

Quinn Family
From: Maree Kilmartin [] 04 Aug 08
I'm looking for genealogists who have done the Quinn family history on Ellen Elizabeth Quinn, mother to Ned Kelly? Ellen was born in 1832 in Co Antrim in Ireland and came out to Victoria as a young girl then eloped in 1850 with John \"Red" Kelly and lived near Melbourne. My great great grandmother was Mary Kilmartin (nee Quinn) from Ireland who married Patrick Kilmartin and emigrated to Australia in 1879 to Adelaide with her husband, children and husband\'s siblings. Mary was born circa the early to mid 1830s which could possibly make her Ellen's sister. Patrick used to keep a notebook which mentioned all his family and close relatives. Half the book was damaged but in the clear half I have, he specifically mentions that Edward Kelly was captured and included the exact date. Throughout the notebook it also makes many mentions of Mary travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne frequently until she died in 1902 in South Australia. In those days it was an exceptionally long journey and she always went alone. A woman would only do this if she had family (ie siblings) living there. Last but not least, I have a photo of Mary (nee Quinn) and Ellen Kelly (nee Quinn) and they look very much like sisters - same bulbous nose and even parted their hair identical. If I can prove they were sisters then that makes Ellen Elizabeth Kelly (nee Quinn), mother of Ned great great aunt! Please email me direct instead of commenting here.

Smile when you say that!-)
From: Peter (Stinger) Nettleton [] 30 Jul 08
That reminds me Brad - have you been paying royalties for using g-g-great uncle Charles' photos on your site? Or should I just pop a bill in the mail? Get me a lawyer!

re. Direct descendants of the Kelly Gang members?
From: Peter (Stinger) Nettleton [] 28 Jul 08
Sorry if I've been a tad pedantic about this. Blame it on my day-job! (probate lawyer). I believe I am distantly related to Charles Nettleton, the photographer who took those charming prison photos of Ned and also Harry Power. I am in fact a direct or lineal descendant (great great grandson) of a convict named John Locke, originally condemned to hang for horse stealing but who survived to become a wealthy property-owner in the Roma Qld region. I will be travelling from Perth to Beechworth this weekend, so I hope to meet a few of you 'collateral' descendants of the gang and supporters there then. Cheers! Bloody lawyers!

re. Direct descendants of the Kelly Gang members?
From: Paul O'Keefe [] 28 Jul 08
Hi Everyone, I thought I would add my 2 cents worth on the debate since my family heritage has been "Stung by the Stinger". If you read on my website on my ABOUT US page...and i quote "Kelly Gang Educational Services was founded by Paul O'Keefe in 2004. Paul O'Keefe is directly related to the Kelly Gang. His great great grandmother's brother was Kelly Gang member Steve Hart."..... end quote. So am i missing something? Or am I wrong? Or have i not explained myself enough? Have i misled anyone? Or we just splitting hairs! Blame that reporter!

The Gentleman 'Ned' Photograph of 27 May 2002
From: Chris Ramage [] 28 Jul 08
The Gentleman "Ned" Photograph of 27 May 02. Has anyone compared the photo to early images of Joe Byrne? Looking at the hairline, way he parts his hair and his scraggly beard there is a similarity. Don't mention the war!

re. Direct descendants of the Kelly Gang members?
From: Lola Rowe nee Lloyd [] 28 Jul 08
Well Brad we are splitting hairs here, my Oxford dictionary gives "descendent" person or thing, descending, I will allow your answer as 50% correct, BUT, would not Mr. Nettleton have some idea without putting that question to Paul or any HART descendent. I am sure Paul as well as other family Members, DO class ourselves as Descendents, "collateral or lineal" up to you. The word 'descendant' is not in question, it was the use of the word 'direct'...

Beechworth Weeekend
From: Airi [] 28 Jul 08
Hi Brad, I will be in Beechworth on the weekend and would love to meet yourself and other Ironoutlaw regulars but unfortunately won't be able to make it up there until Saturday. Are there any plans for a general get-together apart from Friday night's dinner? I have already booked my ticket for your talk, so at the very least hope to come and say hello afterwards. Sorry, but I'll be going straight home to bed after the courthouse gig. Yeah right! I'm thinking we could extend the Q&A to one of the nearby pubs and sample some of the Beechworth Brewery's finest...

re. Direct descendants of the Kelly Gang members?
From: Lola Rowe nee Lloyd [] 27 Jul 08
Stinger Nettleton (surely that is an alias), I could name approximately 100 direct descendents of Steve Hart's. That does not mean that he married or fathered children, read a little if you are interested in the subject and will find that Steve, did have brothers and sisters. Hmm, a can a worms here so I think we need to clarify terminology before 'Stinger' replies with another question regarding the "direct" issue. The definition of 'Direct Descendent' taken from the web site is as follows, 'We use the adjective "direct" when we need, because of context, to emphasize that the descent is NOT collateral, otherwise, we use "descendant" unmodified to mean lineal descendant.' So Nettleton you are right, Paul should be referred to as a Collateral Descendant, which means 'an descendent of an ancestor's brother or sister'. I realise you got the quote from a newspaper article we republished here, but that's the reporter's error not Paul's

Direct descendants of the Kelly Gang members?
From: Stinger Nettleton [] 24 Jul 08
If Paul O'Keefe is, as is claimed, a "direct descendant of the Kelly Gang's Steve Hart", then one must assume that Steve managed to somehow father a child before his untimely demise. I have always believed that none of the gang got to procreate for one reason or another. Have I missed something? I'll let Paul or one of the family answer this one...

Psychos is about right
From: Faith Eden [] 24 Jul 08
I only have one thing to say about channel 7 and that stupid show .... what were they trying to do ??? it was just a waste of time and while doing it made 5 people look like idiots and they were more then willing to go along with it lol ..... if the media is going to try and make us believe that they had some kind of "connection" with Ned they'd want to try something a lil better then that was more like someone sat down one day and said the only way we are going to get people to watch this show is if we try something really stupid ...which if thats the case they succeeded.. anyone else catch the women who tried to make she was being chocked ???...I'm not sorry if there is someone out there that disagrees with what i think i just believe it was all made up stories and no one will convince me otherwise...Ned would turn in his grave (pa pa ...which can i add they think they found!...all by themselves with no help at all ???) if he new what these people were trying to do to him ...all i have to say to anyone that wants try something like that on Ned again is next time make it something thats a lil believable or don't do it at all!!!

Channel 7's "The One"
From: Troy Calhoun [] 23 Jul 08
This was a load of rubbish. Alex Mcdermott as the "Leading Kelly Expert"? Waste of time, and sadly a terrible introduction to the Kelly legend for many. They are all idiots!

The Show That Never Was
From: Alan Crichton [] 23 Jul 08
Hi Brad, I’d like to thank Anthony for informing me about the Psycho show that was aired on the tele Tuesday night. You know, the show where they were going to tell us where Ned was buried. Unfortunately for me, I would be arriving home late that night so I asked my dear wife to tape the show for me. As she is not as technically minded as myself, I spent considerable time explaining to her the technicalities of using the video contraption. When I was satisfied all would be okay, I left with great apprehension of what the show would reveal when I got home. I arrived home that night and asked my dear wife if she had successfully taped the show. ‘Yes dear, of course I did’ she cried back. ‘You li’l beaudy’ I excitedly cried back to her. I grabbed a cuppa, nestled in to my armchair and pressed the play button.and waited. The show started with a commercial and then another commercial and then another….. ‘When the bloody hell is this thing about Ned coming on?’ I thought to myself. I fast forwarded and was rewarded with nothing but more commercials. I wondered how such a terrible thing could have happened until I remembered that my dear wife is slightly dyslexic. Instead of pausing when the commercials came on, she somehow paused it during the show and taped all the bloody commercials. So at the moment Brad, I’m a little disappointed. So I’d like to thank Anthony again for informing me about that Psycho show that aired on the tele and NEVER BLOODY GOT TO SEE! Apparently it was "the show that never was" even for those who watched it

Ned Story
From: Anthony Smit [] 21 Jul 08
Hi all, While I don't like to provide free advertising for television stations, just letting u all know that tomorrow night Tuesday (22/7/2008) at 7.30pm, there's a show on channel 7 called the One. They have a bunch of psychics sitting in the Old Melbourne Gaol, trying to get information about where Ned is buried. Should be interesting to check out and amusing at least. Looking forward to catching up at Beechworth. Psychics or psychos?

Slightly Biased
From: Charlie Showers [] 19 Jul 08
G'day Brad, first thing I just wanted to congratulate you on the Ironoutlaw site, a fantastic reference and a great place to whittle away some time looking into the past. One thing I feel compelled to add though is that you state this site as a place to come and explore the previous 150 years of history to discover for yourself weather Ned was a crazed bushranger or a victim of the system. However I don't get a balanced view from this site, especially when someone like Alex McDermott is placed into a section called "NUTBAGS, SHOWBAGS, AND RATBAGS". I see his opinions as adding to the debate and the roundness of your website. I enjoyed reading his article, although I don\'t agree with much of it, he has some valid points which need to be aired, not denigrated because "he has never had a real job". For your site to truly remain the greatest reference point for Ned Kelly on line I think you need to show both points of view without bias, otherwise Ironoutlaw risks simply becoming the greatest pro-Kelly site with little regard for all comments on his character, good and bad. Debate is healthy, you should encourage it, not simply brand anyone who dares pull Ned off his hero stand with personal attacks. I do congratulate you though for showing such articles, at least you don\'t ignore them It would just be great to be able to read them without a preface of denigration. That said I'm on your side mate, I live in Beechworth and love the Kelly history. Regardless of his pros and cons, the story is fascinating and worth celebrating (and worth debating). Hope to meet you for a beer up here in a few weeks time for the Kelly weekend. Much like Mr Jones, I'm still trying to work out what fresh 'facts' McDermott is presenting? While there's no such thing as a wrong opinion, I guess personally I dislike 'Danny' for what he stands for (which isn't much really, so maybe I secretly adore him!). Of course I'm biased. After spending more than thirteen years working on this web site I'm entitled to be. And with over 8.5 million hits a year there's little chance of this site becoming irrelevant but if it it does then I'm happy to move on. Remember dear readers, if you want to get 'a balanced view' may I suggest you read a lot more than just what's on this web site.

Was Ned's Body Mutilated?
From: Peter Nettleton [] 17 Jul 08
I understand that after he was hanged, Ned's Head was cut off. I have recently been informed that his scrotum was also scavenged and turned into a purse. I believe something of the sort happened to 'Mad' Dan Morgan - a tobacco pouch, was it not? - but not Ned surely? Now's there's an item you could sell on eBay (don't ask me what category it would go in under). Actually his body was multilated as he head was cut off! However, luckily his nether regions remained intact. Seems the only scrotums being played with were between Sergeant Steele and Detective Ward

Ned Kelly Weekend
From: Steven Cosgrove [] 16 Jul 08
Hi Brad. Looking forward to my first ned kelly weekend. I am will be in town with an old army mate from Melbourne. The Friday is my wedding anniversary. Probably have divorce proceedings against me on my return home on Sunday night. Such is Life. At least I won't have to ask for permission in 09. Anyrate looking forward to meeting you Brad and shouting you a beer or two for all your help when purchasing items from Ironoutlaw. Cheers mate. Beeeer...

re. Beechworth Here I Come
From: Noeleen Lloyd [] 16 Jul 08
Well I hope you are packing your long johns, beanies and other attractive items of warmth Alan - the weather will make for an interesting night under the cellar door. Your steam boat billie will not suffice I fear. Perhaps you could be persuaded into a drop of the local muscat to warm the bones prior to retiring - no iced water for me thanks verra much. The weather has been nothing short of arctic. Myself and a few others will be around - Beechworth is such a great place to relax and I truly recommend the bacon sandwiches at the bakery after a hard night trying to keep warm by imbibing way too much. We have made the weekend into an annual "catchup" as the rest of the year has us slaving away at other things and don't get the chance to see one another. We were very unorganised last year (which is not usual for us lot HA HA) and had to wander the streets to find a meal - we then of course arrived for the drinks round at the Nick. Not to be done this year. Hibernian then the Nick. Sounds good to me...

re. Armour
From: Louis & Airi [] 15 Jul 08
To Karen and anyone else who's interested. Ned's suit of armour is on display in the Dome Gallery at The State Library of Victoria in Melbourne, open every day 10 am to 5 pm and entry is free, and there's even a free one-hour tour of the Kelly exhibit (they have the original Jerilderie Letter as well) every Tuesday morning at 10.30. Steve's and Dan's armour can be found at the Victoria Police Museum at The World Trade Centre in Melbourne, open Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm. Joe Byrne's armour is privately owned. Yes, privately owned by Indiana Jones, arr Lara Croft, I mean Rupert Hammond...

From: Karen [] 15 Jul 08
Can you tell me where the armor is and if its on display to the public? Yes it is but not in one place

Beechworth Here I Come
From: Alan Crichton [] 14 Jul 08
Well Bradley, as you are fully aware, it's only 17 more sleeps to go before the annual Ned Kelly festivities in Beechworth and I am well and truly beside myself. My battered suitcase is packed and ready and all Kelly events booked to my satisfaction and most joyous delight. I am in such high spirits at the moment that I am even considering wearing my Steam Boat Billy cap on the aeroplane and be damned with it. I have, might I add, barely scraped up enough coinage to afford myself entrance to your in depth and long awaited presentation on "Ned Kelly and the emergence of technology". Unfortunately, because of my determination to be in attendance at your presentation and now with most embarrassed funds, my accommodation has had to be downgraded to the Hibernian Hotel's beer cellar under the footpath in Loch Street, but alas, such are the sacrifices one must make for such an event. I suppose one must also be grateful that I now have little distance to travel for the Ironoutlaw punters gathering in the hotel. If I have not made an appearance by 6.00 pm, would it be too much to ask, Bradley, if you could give but three sharp stamps of your boot on my cellar door? If you cannot see the flickering light from a candle through the cracks you will know I am otherwise detained or have just frozen to death. I will afford myself but one shandy in a tall glass, a handful of peanuts from the bar, and then fall upon the gracious generosity of mein host. Would you also happen to know if Ms Lloyd and Mr. O'Keefe will be in attendance this year? I would much prefer their company than those bloody roughians from the logging camp. I have also been informed that the gentleman bushranger from Bondi, Brian McDonald, will not be present this year much to my disappointment. I have also been informed, much to my delight, there will be more room for the diners at the Nicholas dinner. Unlike last year, one will not have to walk along the top of the dining table to get to the water closet. But be damned with it all Bradley, the Ned Kelly Weekend is one event I would not miss for the world, even if it has left me in a somewhat penniless state. I'm sure I can shout you a glass of iced water for all your troubles. As for Paul O'Keefe, he's a no show this year, something about filling in for Alf on 'Home and Away'. However, the Lloyd clan should be in attendance and this year we'll actually book a table at the Hibernian instead of trying to barge our way in. By the way I'm missing the Carlton v Adelaide match to go to this event (then again the way the Blues are playing I'm glad I'm not travelling to South Australia)... And Alan, call me Brad. Only my Nana called me Bradley and she's dead...

re.Ian Jones
From: Louis & Airi [] 13 Jul 08
Hi Brad. Dave was asking about the plan of Ann Jones' Inn; here's a photo I took of the board next to the site in Glenrowan in April. Cheers.

Ned Kelly the movie by Gregor Jordan
From: Nick Justice [] 11 Jul 08
Was Gregor Jordan's take so bad? Even 5 years after it was produced i still hear people whinging about it in certain circles.. I've noticed a few people crying foul over it. Obviously no movie running an hour or so can do Justice to the Kelly story but i still really enjoyed it- so much so i reckon i've probably watched it close to 50 times and still pick up on different things each time. (yes i am a kelly nut but who isn't here lol) I thought the casting was excellent.. Especially Heath Ledger playing Ned, Orlando Bloom as Joe and Joel Edgerton as Aaron Sheritt i thought were brilliant. What do people think??? P.S if anyone can give me an email address for Ian Jones that would be awesome :) 50 times!?!

Ian Jones
From: Dave [] 08 Jul 08
hi iornoutlaw can you help me i'm trying to find a plan of inside ann jones in. how big was it how many rooms ect like a layout and do you know an email address for ian jones author of a short life Ian don't do internet...

re. Joe Byrne
From: Peter Nettleton [] 09 Jul 08
I believe the reason the Byrne family did not claim Joe's remains had something to do with the 'execution' by Joe of his erstwhile friend Aaron Sherritt. Perhaps the Byrnes realised that Aaron was stll loyal to the gang but was being used as 'bait' by Detective Ward. Perhaps Joe simply refused to believe it and was swept up in the 'master plan' to bring on the final battle. The slaying of a loyal friend in front of his pregnant wife would be hard to excuse under most circumstances. All hypothesis of course. By the way - is Joes' body still in Benalla Cemetery and is it well-marked? Yep, it's up the back right hand corner, you can't miss it

John 'Red' Kelly's Heritage
From: Claire Kelly [] 03 Jul 08
Hello. My name is Claire Kelly (no relation I know of) and I am researching my family history. In doing so I went to and found a number of trees dedicated to Ned. Out of interest I opened a few just to see if we were cousins of cousins etc. There are a number of trees submitted (by Americans) who claim that John 'Red' Kelly's ancestry is from Maryland, USA. They claim his mothers name was not Mary Cody and that his father Thomas Kelly immigrated from the USA to Ireland. I cannot believe this and my blood is boiling. I may not be related but I am a proud Kelly and a bloody proud Australian and can not believe the yanks are claiming Ned Kelly's heritage. Can you please confirm or deny that John 'Red' Kelly's heritage is American? Why would anyone immigrate from prosperous 1800's America to famine stricken potato eating Ireland. Half the country immigrated out. Americans are so f****n stupid. Sorry. Anyway before I went and blasted these people with emails I thought I'd check with the Ironoutlaw in case this absurdity was true. Thanks. Looking forward to your reply.

Joe Byrne
From: Faith [] 02 Jul 08
Hi.. I'm wondering would you no the reasons behind why Joe's family did not try and get his body or why his body was not givin to his mother/family? Anyone out there 'no'?

Ashley Davies
From: Louis & Airi [] 02 Jul 08
Would you or anyone else be able to tell me where I could buy the Ned Kelly cd by Ashley Davies with the booklet by Ian Jones? Thanks! I'm guessing he'll have a few for sale over the upcoming Beechworth weekend

Alan Crichton's 'Bumpolgy'
From: Mick Fitzsimons [] 01 Jul 08
Must say I had a good chuckle over Alan Crichton’s piece on ‘Bumpology’. One can only wonder what these ‘scientists’ would make of the bumps on my noggin after an all too late night out with the boys. My missus is a tiny thing and would have to stand on her toes to see over Kevin Rudd’s wallet and has to run around in the shower to get wet, but she fights dirty. As she has warned me, “You have to sleep sometime” and that when the lumps and bumps mysteriously appear. If the government gets wind of this, they will introduce a ‘bump tax’, or a ‘levy of lumps’ and that could mean a few of us will be in strife.

Who Betrayed Harry Power?
From: Peter Nettleton [] 01 Jul 08
At age 15, Ned was 'apprenticed' to notorious highwayman Harry Power who was then under the protection of the Quinns, Ned's mother's family. Harry was captured on Quinn land but always believed it was Ned who betrayed him. At the time, Ned was on remand on charges relating to Harry's highway robberies, of which he was eventually acquitted. The finger of history points at Jack Lloyd, Ellen Kelly's brother-in-law, who supposedly led the police to Harry's hide-out (now known as 'Power's Lookout', near Whitfield), but I believe the reward money ended up with the Quinns. My hypothesis is that it was Ellen who sold Harry to buy Ned's freedom and the Quinns were paid off to turn a blind eye. Any comments?

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