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While I'm sure everyone is aware the State Library of Victoria holds Ned Kelly's armour, and the Jerilderie Letter, you may not be aware of their latest online resources relating to Ned. Here are some you should take time out to explore:

An interactive version of the Jerilderie Letter
Read the letter and transcription either individually or side by side.

Jerilderie Letter Soundscape
Immerse yourself in the drama of the Jerilderie siege, when Ned Kelly and his gang took over the small Riverina town in February 1879. Using voice, sound effects and music, this 7.54 minute soundscape recreates the events that led to Kelly handing over his Jerilderie letter to Edwin Living. This soundscape, directed by John Paul Fischbach, is a fictionalised version of real incidents drawn from historical sources.

Feature on Bushrangers (for Secondary School children)
In the Victorian bush, one type of criminal reigned supreme: the tough and ruthless bushranger. Despite all their crimes against police and the general population, Victoria's outlaws have always ignited public fascination and sometimes sympathy. From Dan ‘Mad Dog' Morgan to Ned Kelly, the bushranger is an icon of 19th century life in the bush. Learn who these men (and occasionally women) were, what they did, and why they had such a huge impact on Victoria's criminal history.

On Foot Resources
The Kelly Gang 1880 Pictures Collection
328 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Link: Guided Tours

Take the free Ned Kelly tour with Airi Repetti every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 11.00am. Visit the permanent Ned Kelly display featuring his full set of armour and an impressive mini-exhibition of archives open daily at the State Library of Victoria. Ned Kelly and his gang are Australia's most famous bushrangers. Pursued by police for robbery and murder, Ned Kelly was finally captured after a gun fight with police at Glenrowan. His gang members died during the siege and Kelly himself was later hanged at the Melbourne Gaol on 11 November 1880. The armour held by the State Library includes Ned Kelly's helmet, backplate, breastplate and shoulderplate. Crudely constructed from parts of ploughs, pieces of leather, and iron bolts, the armour was assembled and tested by the gang in the year before the Glenrowan raid.

While not everyone wants to read about Ned Kelly or the ANZACs or even The Great Depression, we hope they want to learn something about Australian History. From the ex-Prime Minister John Howard to a confused ex-NSW Education Minister Carmel Tebbutt (see the ex-pattern here?) a number of politicians have jumped on the teaching history bandwagon. But at what cost? From Right Wing Liberals to the multitude of State Governments, seems everyone has an agenda. We'd like to let the readers decide what is worth learning. Here at we present the facts, the fiction and everything in between. It all adds to the experience and hopefully makes History an exciting place to be while also proving it needn't always have to be written by the victors.
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Ned Kelly: A Pictorial History available on the iPad App Store
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Australian Son by Max Brown

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